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Erka. Stethoscopes. Perfect hearing at a glance.

Medelita is proud and excited to announce an exclusive U.S. partnership with ERKA. - offering German-engineered preciseness made by tradition.

ERKA stethoscopes

A new standard in physician and nursing stethoscopes.

The search for the ideal stethoscope took us all the way to Germany, to a company steeped in history and precision-driven engineering. Founded in 1889, ERKA revolutionized blood pressure measurement with the development of the very first industrially-made blood pressure measurement device. As the exclusive distributor of ERKA stethoscopes in the U.S., Medelita is proud to offer a superior alternative in terms of ease of use, durability and functionality.

erka stethoscope diagram
  • 1Unmatched dual-diaphragm sound precision.
  • 2Ergonomically shaped super-soft ear tips will cancel outside noise.
  • 3Dual channel tubes reach each ear separately.
  • 4Max sound quality and transmission at high & low frequencies.
  • 5Wash with any standard method for sanitization.
  • 6Pore free chromed brass surface is more resistant to bacteria.
  • 7Classified as dermatologically safe.
  • 8Ergonomically shaped chest-piece for hard-to reach areas.
I really liked this product. In particular, I liked how durable it felt. It was heavy, and I like that in a stethoscope. The tubing was a fun color also. In terms of auscultation, I felt that it was very sensitive and definitely up to par with my Littmann master cardiology.
Dr. Tiffany Sizemore-Ruiz, D.O., F.A.C.C. - Diplomate in Cardiology, Internal Medicine, Echocardiography and Nuclear Cardiology

comfortable scrubs

The most durable fabric in the industry.

Our innovative fabrics become softer and performance features last with every wash, even in the harshest of commercial laundry facilities. No ironing or special handling is required.

Lab Coat Fabric

Our lab coat fabric is truly revolutionary. It repels fluid - including blood - yet is supremely soft and comfortable. Remarkable repel and release technology allows you to maintain a bright white, crisp, professional finish long-term. White lab coats by Medelita are intelligently equipped for the job at hand.

Scrub Fabric

Running from one case to the next. Complicated procedures under hot lights. An awkward patient interaction. It's inevitable…we all sweat during our 10, 12, even 24 hour shifts. Medelita scrubs are made from a patented fabric that keeps you dry, fresh, and free of odors…for the lifetime of the garment.

lab coats



What Have We Changed?

Based on feedback from our most respected and valuable colleague customers, we have made several improvements on the previous version of the Miranda B., including the following changes:


If you own our initial Miranda B. lab coat, you may have noticed the waist area has some extra room.


We have improved the overall fit in the waist in this updated version, to ensure a more flattering, slimming shape overall while still appearing highly professional.


Please order the same size that you ordered previously, unless you felt the original Miranda B. was tight in the waist when buttoned. In that case, order a size up.

Click on the "Size Guide" tab above to see detailed measurements.
Women's Miranda B. Lab Coat
Size Equiv. Shoulders (in.) Bust (in.) Hips (in.) Sleeve (in.) CB Length (in.)
00 XXS 15 35.5 38 22.5 32.25
0 XS 15.25 36.5 39 22.75 32.75
2 XS 15.5 37.5 40 23 33.25
4 S 15.75 38.5 41 23.5 34.5
6 S 16 39.5 42 24 35
8 M 16.25 40.5 43 24.25 35.5
10 M 17 41.5 44 24.5 36
12 L 17 43 45.5 25 36.5
14 L 17.5 45 47.5 25.5 37
16 XL 18 47 49.5 26 37.5
Designer Notes
  • A true slim fit - consider trying 2 sizes for ideal fit before sending back for embroidery.
  • The fabric does not shrink in the wash (less than 1%).
  • Sleeves can be let out up to an inch in tailoring.