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Lab coats with cutting-edge performance fabrics, paired with the tailoring, fit, and finish of a high-end suit jacket.

Premium (M3) Lab Coats

Previously named M3, featuring advanced performance features and premium functionality. Lab coat construction is purposefully designed to flatter all body types.

  • Sleek White Doctor Lab Coat
    As a medical professional you deserve a lab coat that works as hard as you do for your patients. Medelita white lab coats are simply exceptional, with durable performance fabric that is fluid-repellent on the exterior and wicks away moisture on the interior, keeping you cooler in high pressure situations.
  • Performance Lab Coats

    Inspired, modern, geometric designs in fabric built for maximum durability at a great value. Includes new & highly popular Student lab coats.

  • Sleek White Doctor Lab Coat
    Enjoy a modern and sporty design perfectly tailored for the next generation of medical professionals with athletic fit lab coats for sale from Medelita. Designed for performance and durability, these high quality coats boast a relaxed, ergonomic fit with technical design features to optimize comfort and functionality. Shop athletic fit in both men’s lab coats and women’s lab coats.
  • COVID-19 Risk Garment Guidelines

    • Avoid shaking clothing or quick movements while undressing.
    • Consider placing worn scrubs in a washable laundry bag and placing entire bag (with cinch loosened) in the washer.
    • Regular laundry detergent easily disrupts the lipid layer of COVID-19.
    • Chlorine bleach is not recommended and not required for COVID-19 exposed garments.
    • To preserve the innovative moisture wicking and quick-dry technology, do not use liquid fabric softener.
    • Do not use dryer sheets to avoid plugging the moisture-wicking fabric functionality.
    • Dry garments completely as per CDC guidelines.
    • Remove from dryer at end of cycle and hang for a wrinkle-free appearance.
    • Industrial laundry is recommended for hospital laundered garments.

    Our Commitment To

    Medical Professionals

    Medelita is committed to quality and offering the very best lab coats for medical professionals. We’ve spent years innovating our technically advanced fabric that helps you perform and succeed to the best of your impressive ability, with no special care required. As our promise to you, we guarantee the performance of every single one of our coats for a full year.

    Premium Women’s Lab Coats

    Medelita women’s lab coats are built to empower women in medicine with tailored styles that are both professional and sophisticated.

    Exceptional Men’s Lab Coats

    Medelita lab coats for men are built for performance and functionality. An elevated collection of tailored designs allows you to confidently choose the perfect coat that showcases your hard work and esteem to your colleagues and patients alike.

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    We offer free returns on all orders over $100 sent to the U.S. so you can try on products before deciding what to keep or return for a full refund. Simply login to your account to print a free return label anytime.

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    "I avoided my white coat for years due to discomfort/appearance and my preference has completely changed on both. I wear Medelita all the time."

    "The first elite medical apparel alternative for discerning consumers who value well-made products and professional appearance."

    "The professional standard with respect to appearance. Other choices are simply inferior, and obviously inferior. You will do no better."

    Aaron L., MD


    T. Gormley, MD

    From our #medelita Colleagues

    Medelita lab coats for doctors and medical professionals represent the highest standard in the world in terms of innovative fabric and a flattering, comfortable fit. Our collection of professional white lab coats and jackets provides a premium option for medical staff in every specialty, in every body type, and gender-specific for a look and feel more like what you'd find in a blazer than in a typical lab coat. Our distinct lab jackets offer details like reinforced, french-finished seaming, tasteful trim detail, intuitively-placed pockets, and extremely durable buttons. Our lab coat fabric is patented to provide first-of-its-kind hydrophilic and hydrophobic properties to pull moisture away from your body while repelling fluids on the outer surface. The result is a lab coat that keeps you comfortable and stain-free all day while looking and feeling confident and professional in a classic white coat style. Shop Medelita lab coats to experience the difference for yourself.

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