Tall Scrubs

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Medelita's tall scrub pants provide approximately 3 inches in additional inseam length, providing you with more flexibility and less exposure. These supremely soft scrubs are meticulously crafted with an ergonomic design, giving you a flattering and comfortable fit with an overall more professional appearance.
Modern Fit Mens Scrub Top Modern Fit Mens Scrub Top

Modern Fit Mens Scrub Top

black scrub jacket black scrub jacket

Kinetic Men's Scrub Jacket

—New! —Lightweight
vista women's scrub top vista women's scrub top

Vista Scrub Top

—New! —Stretch
mens navy blue scrub pants mens navy blue scrub pants

Men's Summit Scrub Pants

Men's navy blue scrub top Men's navy blue scrub top

Men's Apex Scrub Top

Men's Navy Blue Scrub Top Men's Navy Blue Scrub Top

Men's Radius Scrub Top

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Regular Price: $42.00

Special Price $27.00

Men's Scrub Jacket Men's Scrub Jacket

Ionic Men's Scrub Jacket

ionic scrub jacket ionic scrub jacket

Delta Scrub Pants Delta Scrub Pants

Delta Scrub Pants

Meridian Scrub Top Meridian Scrub Top

Meridian Scrub Top

Argon Scrub Pants Argon Scrub Pants

Argon Scrub Pants

Horizon Scrub Top Horizon Scrub Top

Horizon Scrub Top

Women's Blue Scrub Top Women's Blue Scrub Top

Modern Fit Women's Scrub Top

Blue Women's Scrub Pants Blue Women's Scrub Pants

Modern Fit Women's Scrub Pants

men's scrub pants men's scrub pants

Modern Fit Mens Scrub Pants

navy scrub jacket navy scrub jacket

Kinetic Women's Scrub Jacket

—New! —Lightweight
Scrub Incredibly Soft Fabric

Physician and nursing scrub fabric that is unmatched in fit, softness, quality, ergonomics, comfort and performance.

Medelita created a cutting-edge blend of scrub material that is ideal for medical scrubs. This technically advanced moisture wicking fabric pulls moisture away from your skin and dries incredibly fast. And the comfort level is outstanding - supremely soft scrubs with a lightly brushed finish in a weight that's not too thin/not too thick. We're also proud to boast our scrub fabric resists pilling, wrinkling, fading and shrinking, while also preventing odors - all for the lifetime of the garment.

  • Keeps you dry by wicking moisture away from your skin.
  • Dries faster than other performance fabrics or cotton.
  • Won't wash out and lasts the lifetime of Medelita scrubs.
  • Performance features that are environmentally friendly.
  • Advanced fabric naturally prevents odors.
  • Anti-microbial features reduce the spread of harmful bacteria.
  • No fading. No pilling. No wrinkling. No shrinkage.
  • The perfect scrub fabric - both in comfort and performance.
moisture wicking

Hydrophilic & hydrophobic fibers pull moisture away from skin and into the air - fast.

fast drying scrubs

The highest industry standard for dryness in medical scrubs - drying up to 4 times faster than cotton.

long lasting scrubs

No chemicals or irritants to wash out over time, our scrub fabric ensures eco-friendly performance.

antimicrobial scrubs

Prevents odors by mitigating the development and build-up of odor-causing bacteria.

comfy scrubs

Soft, natural feel keeps you dry and comfortable. Regulating body temps up to 7°F cooler.

Premium scrubs

Fabrics & knits that exhibit excellent hand, hold shape, and are easy to care for. They reist pills, wrinkles, and static.


What Your Colleagues Say


"The colors and the quality of the fabric stay the same, wash after wash. I have been wearing your scrubs for more than a year, and they get washed every week.They still look brand new!"
Julie Pearson, DVM -Medelita Women's Scrub Top

"As an Emergency Medicine physician,I live in my scrubs.They are an essential part of my work day. I bought 5 pairs and enjoy working more comfortably with the Medelita scrubs. It truly is a great product."
Mark J.K. Dalton, MD, FACEPP -Medelita Men's Scrub Top

"I feel more efficient and prepared when the only thought I give to my scrubs ishow great they are!"
Sarah Bragdon, MD -Medelita Women's Scrub Pants

"Wearing is believing.Once you wear them, you will understand the difference."
Ari Saeedi, RDH -Medelita Women's Scrub Top