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10 Awesome Gifts for Doctors - Best Doctor Gift Ideas


Whether it's a holiday, medical school graduation, or simply a way to say thank you, finding a gift for the doctor in your life can be a challenging prospect. For many, the first ideas that come to mind are typical office equipment - paperweights, bookends, desk organizers, and keepsake boxes. While any gift is a meaningful gesture, we wanted to go a step further, from the ordinary to the extraordinary. If you're looking for the perfect, high-end gift for a discerning and stylish medical professional, look no further. Here are the top ten luxury gifts for doctors:

1. A Better Lab Coat

lab coat gift

Pictured above: Bernard Men's & Rosalyn Women's Lab Coat

A top-quality white lab coat will help your physician instantly take their professional style to the next level. You can make this gift even more personal and meaningful with customized embroidery of his or her name, title, or's the closest they can get to wearing their diploma. Check out flexible and easy gift cards if you're not sure about sizing or style preferences (these tailored coats come in blazer/dress sizes).

2. The Porsche Of Stethoscopes 


stethoscopes by erka

German-engineered products are known around the world for their precision and technical mastery, and ERKA stethoscopes are no different. From the sleek design to the patented dual-membrane sound chamber geometry, these chrome-plated stethoscopes are aesthetically more attractive and technologically more advanced than most popular scopes currently sold in North America. But that's about to change....Just recently available in the U.S., an ERKA stethoscope is easily the best new item that the doctor in your life needs!

An ERKA Scope

3. A Really Nice Espresso Machine

espresso gift

Late shifts and busy days usually mean that coffee is a doctor's best friend. For the coffee connoisseur with discerning taste, The ROK Espresso Maker is a beautiful, functional and environmentally friendly product that makes rich, full-bodied espresso. No fuss. No complicated preparation. All a doctor will need to make delicious espresso, when at home or at work, is hot water – no electricity required.

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4. Another Layer Of Skin

doctors underscrub gift guide

This is the perfect gift for a physician on-the-go because it can easily transition from the hospital, to the grocery store, to the gym, and everywhere in between! It can get pretty cold in a hospital, and many clinicians prefer an added layer of protection against the windswept, air conditioned hallways. Better yet, these underscrub tees wick moisture and keep you cool when it gets too hot. It's ultimate comfort for any condition or climate.

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5. A Jacket For Any Occasion

doctor scrub jacket gift

Medical professionals spend a lot of time in transition to and from the hospital and beyond.

Praised as the "most revolutionary scrub jacket ever made," a scrub jacket from Medelita is the perfect way to keep your loved one warm in cold environments and extremely comfortable and dry in heated, high pressure situations. Perfect for work and life - with personalized embroidery available to make it extra special. Choose from a lightweight "Kinetic" style or a traditional drape in "Ionic."

New Scrub Jackets

6. A High-Tech Insulated Coffee Flask 

Whether they're rushing to the hospital or just trying to stay alert during a long shift, any and all medical professionals run primarily on their caffeinated beverage of choice. This insulated coffee thermos has TempShield™ insulation technology to keep their cold brew icy for up to 24 hours and their pumpkin spice latte hot for up to 6. Not to mention, it’s the same size as most larges at coffee shops, so the doctor in your life can get their caffeine fix without adding a disposable cup to the mix.

Hydroflask colors

7. The Best Medical Scrubs Money Can Buy

scrubs set gift for doctors

These gorgeous fitted scrubs are unmatched for durability - they actually get softer the more you wear them! Because of the technological performance fabric used to make these physician scrubs, your physician can be as comfortable as they are professional. And with custom embroidery options and gender-specific styles (ahem, a zippered fly for the men's scrub pants), these supremely soft medical scrubs are a gift that will hit the mark every time.

Pictured above: Medelita Modern Fit Scrubs

8. A Timeless Classic

sunglasses gift for doctors

The right sunglasses can make a real statement, but sometimes you just want a pair that feel great and look timeless. Like a favorite pair of jeans, the Ray-Ban Original Wayfarer is the quintessential go-to for a solid pair of shades that are meant to be worn in any setting.

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9. A Nifty Digital Highlighter

Every doctor needs a pen, but what if there were an easier way for the physician in your life to annotate and take notes? An ultra-portable design, wireless technology, and affordable price tag make the Scanmarker Air the perfect gift for a doctor who loves gadgets and is always reading or jotting things down. This Bluetooth-enabled device uses Text Recognition technology to store scanned text directly onto their smartphone or tablet, and it can even translate from 40 different languages!

The Scanmarker

10. A Dress Shirt For Success

dress shirt gift for doctors

For a professional male doctor, a Ledbury shirt is a classic touch of tailoring to wear beneath his lab coat. A maker of high quality men's dress shirts, Ledbury is building a brand based on the core value of great fit and superb quality.

Ledbury shirts feature an Angle-American collar that won't collapse, an ideal V cut at the neckline, the finest italian woven fabrics, a better fit, mother-of-pearl buttons, and a high stitch count - all of which are hallmarks of a high quality shirt.

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