What You Need to Know about Custom Lab Coat Embroidery

A lab coat is one of the most defining pieces of attire for a medical professional, and custom lab coats can add an extra-personal touch to the garment you wear so often.

Your custom lab coat can quickly communicate who you are and — more importantly — how you can best help them. And as an added bonus, a custom embroidery job significantly reduces the risk of someone accidentally nabbing your favorite lab coat.

Adding custom embroidery to your lab coat can be an exciting investment that upgrades your overall look. But just like not all lab coats are built the same, not all custom embroidery work is the same either.

Here are some key aspects surrounding custom lab coat embroidery that you should consider to ensure you get the best results possible.

1. Is the threading high-quality?

Your lab coat is going to go a lot of places during your shift and the last thing you need is for your threading job to come undone, snag, or unravel.. A precision embroidery process will make sure your logo stays intact and in place, right where it should be.

2. What is the logo transference process?

So, you have a logo, a name, or some text you want transferred onto your lab coat — should be pretty simple, right? Well, in reality, the process is pretty complex. Each logo design has to be digitized and transformed through fine, detailed embroidery work, thread-by-thread. The entire process requires expertise and an attention to detail.

3. Will you have an opportunity to approve and revise the final product?

While some companies may take your logo and run with it, Medelita wants to make sure that you know exactly what you are going to get. Which is why we not only send you an image of your logo for approval, but we also allow you to the opportunity for one revision for no additional cost. That way, there are no surprises when the final product arrives at your door.

4. Can your logo be embroidered?

Not all logos are a perfect match for embroidering. And actually, when it comes to embroidery, less can be more. Logos that have too many colors, are too large, or have a text-heavy tagline will not work. Additionally, logos with a lot of curves and edges need to be carefully considered for proper sizing. Because Medelita knows what it takes to combine quality with custom logos, we are able to recommend specifications that will deliver the best results for you.

5. Can your colors be matched?

Embroidering a lab coat logo or text is not the same as printing a logo onto say, paper, because ink colors (typically called Pantone colors) and thread colors are not exactly the same. While not all Pantone colors are produced in thread, Medelita does its best to match all custom color requests to your specifications.

Before you choose to have your custom lab coat embroidered, be sure to consider key elements, such as thread quality, color, and the design process to ensure that you receive the coat delivers the best reflection of you as a medical professional.

6. What can be embroidered?

Customers have the option to have a professional logo or their custom name and title embroidered on their lab coat. Be aware that, because lab coats are fitted with stylish lapels, there is a limited amount of space to embroider your name and title. Please view our character count guide to determine your character limit based off your coat size.