Gifts for Doctors – Top 20 Best Gift Ideas for Doctors for 2022

Gifts for Doctors – Top 20 Best Gift Ideas for Doctors for 2021

Impress an important physician in your life with a truly meaningful gift, showing how much you appreciate them and their commitment to medicine. We polled our community of doctors to find what gifts they actually want in 2022 and included the top mentioned below. But first we’ve included some helpful tips on picking out a gift for the special physician you’re shopping for.

How to Select Perfect Gifts for Doctors

Very important: the doctor you’re shopping for won’t appreciate a one-size-fits-all gift. The more personal you can make your gift, the better. Doctors may have a lot in common, but they’re not all the same – they’re just like anyone else with particular preferences, their own personal style, distinct hobbies, etc. When thinking of the perfect present, aim for a gift as personal as it is high quality. Long lasting and impactful gifts for doctors are the way to go.

So, let’s start by removing that paperweight from your Amazon cart (let’s forget Amazon altogether for this shopping adventure, shall we?) and shop our curated collection of fine items below, any of which are sure to provide the “wow” moment that exceptional doctor deserves!

1. Medelita Lab Coats

A tailored, long-lasting lab coat is one of the most meaningful gifts for doctors. Why? Because physicians wear it every day they are on the job. Their white coat represents all the hard work they put in throughout their pre-med education, medical school, and beyond. This is the gift that will make them beam with both gratitude and pride.

Make this phenomenal gift even more special by adding the physician’s name and title custom embroidered on the front. Medelita makes many styles of lab coats, all featuring beautiful tailoring and durable fabrics. Your gift is literally an investment in your loved one’s future as a successful physician. Not sure which style to choose or the exact text to have embroidered? No problem, just send a digital gift card and let your gift recipient shop for that well-deserved coat. Shop lab coats at

Grab a Pluto Pillow gift card and give the gift of quality sleep to someone who deserves serious rest. A gift card may seem less than sincere but the end result is a pillow so perfect they won’t even get to counting sheep before they’re fast asleep.

Pluto Pillow has developed a system for determining any one person’s particular pillow needs and then creating a custom pillow based on those specifications, practically guaranteeing perfect sleep – at least as far as a pillow can provide. Pluto Pillow heavily researched and carefully developed all their pillow materials and construction to a level almost unheard of in the business. Their attention to detail and level of commitment is certainly physician-worthy. Available at

This versatile backpack is your gift recipient’s new everyday commuting companion. It’s ready for just about anything from the day-to-day grind to medical convention hopping. The level of execution and detail is off the charts, with pockets for all the essentials, high-quality materials, and stitching so sturdy – you’d think a heart surgeon designed it.

Some impressive, thoughtful features include padded shoulder straps, a contoured foam back panel, a soft-lined sunglasses pocket, and a quick-access laptop compartment that fits devices up to 16”. It’s designed for streamlining your loved one’s next airport visit, meeting carry-on size restrictions, and can fit a truly surprising number of items. Available at

This versatile backpack is your gift recipient’s new everyday commuting companion. It’s ready for just about anything from the day-to-day grind to medical convention hopping. The level of execution and detail is off the charts, with pockets for all the essentials, high-quality materials, and stitching so sturdy – you’d think a heart surgeon designed it.

Some impressive, thoughtful features include padded shoulder straps, a contoured foam back panel, a soft-lined sunglasses pocket, and a quick-access laptop compartment that fits devices up to 16”. It’s designed for streamlining your loved one’s next airport visit, meeting carry-on size restrictions, and can fit a truly surprising number of items. Available at

Scrubs. They’re essential and they should be constructed to last with high-quality fabric, a comfortable fit, and accessible style lines – but you might be surprised to know that most scrub tops and bottoms simply aren’t designed with these principles in mind. Enter Medelita Scrubs.

These garments are made to hold up to washing and drying on industrial hot settings for a full year and still look as crisp and fresh as the first wear. In fact, the doctor you’re shopping for probably already knows that about Medelita brand scrubs. Choose from stretch or non-stretch scrubs and a variety of colors. You can’t go wrong, really, but you can hedge your bets if you don’t know what style or color to purchase by sending a digital gift card to your loved one. Consider having the scrubs custom embroidered with the physician’s name and title as well for a personal touch. Shop at

Medelita Performance Tee – gifts to give a doctor

The Performance Tee by Medelita

That special doctor in your life deserves the best, right down to a soft, dependable, all-day-wear tee – especially one they can wear at work under their lab coat or jacket, and then rock sans the outerwear while running errands, hitting the gym, or handling whatever is up next in their busy life.

The Medelita Performance Tee is thoughtfully designed for medical professionals in 4-way stretch midweight performance fabric that repels odors and wicks moisture. It can function as an underscrub, keeping the wearer warm in cold work environments, or as a casual top for daily wear. Contoured seaming and an incredibly soft hand make this long sleeve a go-to every-day piece for your gift recipient. Available in multiple colors and sizes, this tee is an all around great gift for a doctor. Shop tees at

Just saying the name “Nespresso” out loud can elicit a serene expression and a laid back vibe from those around you. That’s because we all, especially physicians, know that we can count on quality taste and body, and a whole lot of caffeine, from a cute little cup of Nespresso brewed espresso.

Keep your physician friend happy and caffeinated with the Nespresso Vertuo. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Shop at

This beautifully designed smart heated drink container will make any doctor’s morning commute 100% more enjoyable. The Ember Travel Mug is truly a sophisticated piece of technology.

The mug allows hot beverage enthusiasts to set a specific temperature from 120°F to 145°F (50°C - 62.5 °C) for their drink of choice inside. The Ember will keep the drink hot for up to 3 hours on the go or indefinitely when resting on the included charging coaster. The front display features a touch-sensitive display to select the ideal temperature and view the current setting. It intelligently knows when to turn on and off, as well. Try not to buy one for yourself, we dare you. Available at

This fan is easily recognized for its iconic design and lack of (visible) blades, but did you know that it’s also an incredibly powerful air purifier? Dyson boasts that its Pure Cool fan “removes 99.97% of pollutants and allergens as small as 0.3 microns,” including pollen, bacteria, and pet dander. The device captures gases, odors, and pollutants using its 360° filtration system, which combines activated carbon and HEPA. The filters are super easy to change as well.

This sophisticated purifier-fan combo is a perfect gift for doctors, since they understand and help patients deal with the health issues that follow exposure to contaminants and allergens. Give your favorite doctor the gift of a cooler, fresher, more comfortable respite at home with this aesthetically pleasing air purifier fan. Available at

As the saying goes, a clean home is a happy home, and we’ll bet that the doctor you’re shopping for wholeheartedly ascribes to this principle. But what doctor you know has enough time to keep their abode spotless?

This autonomous robot vacuum cleaner takes care of the most monotonous of all the home cleaning tasks. It’s also quite smart, with programming and an accompanying smart phone app that allow for voice activation through Google Assistant and Alexa. The vacuum app also provides personalized cleaning suggestions based on your cleaning habits and seasonal changes. Gifting an iRobot Roomba will save your loved one valuable time and help keep their home that much cleaner and enjoyable. Pick one up at

Looking for a warm gift for a doctor who complains of being chilled to the bone from the constant A/C at work? Fleece jackets are an increasingly popular alternative to the lab coat due to their warmth and uniformity. However, they’re typically made for outdoor activities and not for clinical use.

The Strata Performance Fleece Jacket by Medelita has been designed to be the perfect fleece for those working in medicine. It’s the only fleece jacket created by medical professionals for medical professionals. Unlike other fleece, Strata is outfitted with clinically-minded pocketing. The jacket has been optimized in design and finishing for the types of movements a clinician needs to perform when assisting patients.

The garment is also specifically designed to accommodate embroidery, which is conveniently handled by Medelita’s expert embroidery team. Unlike most fleece jackets, Strata does not have any branding on the chest, making it easy to embroider the wearer’s name and title, as is befitting of a doctor. Strata is one of the most generous, warm gifts for doctors you can find. Shop a collection of colors at

Greenery can make any space feel more inviting. When thinking of gift ideas for doctors, a lush houseplant is a thoughtful, beautiful gift that can impart a peaceful vibe in your gift recipient’s home or office.

The attractive, on-trend ZZ plant comes in one of the most praised and sought after pots, a Lechuza self-watering planter, in a gorgeous, sleek, crisp white. The resulting ZZ plant + planter combo adds a luxurious touch to any space. Bonus: ZZ plants, short for Zamioculcas Zamiifolia, are very easy to care for. Your favorite physician will love it. Get one at

It gets cold in the hospital/clinic/office/etc. You’ve probably noticed the chill when paying a visit to your own doctor. Staying comfortable in constant A/C can be difficult for doctors when you consider that medical staff must wear a uniform day in and day out.

There aren’t many options – except a Medelita Scrub Jacket. Between the sporty Ionic scrub jacket and the bomber-design Kinetic scrub jacket, available for both men and women, you’ll find a style and fit that will match your gift recipient’s tastes. Each jacket features multiple pockets, temperature-regulating fabric, and a tailored fit that ensures comfort and style.

Furthermore the material is incredibly soft but durable, moisture-wicking, wrinkle-resistant, and actually prevents and repels odors and organic stains. The design and material keeps the wearer warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. It’s the best gift for a doctor that spends long hours in an HVAC controlled environment and then handles multiple commitments outside of work. Shop scrub jackets for doctors at

The charging needs of a doctor are a daily struggle. A handy portable charger is a godsend during long shifts when moving from patient to patient with a work tablet that is constantly in use and a personal phone that is straining to maintain cellular connection. Beyond this, doctors have everyday charging needs like the rest of us.

This heavy-duty yet compact power bank can charge up to 3 devices at one time. It has an impressive storage capacity with enough juice to charge most smart phones over 6 times and tablets at least 2 times. It can also charge itself at 2x the speed. The slim design ensures that your gift recipient can stash the power bank in just about any travel, work, or everyday bag and feel prepared for whatever charging needs arise. Grab one at

The Apple Watch needs no introduction. Doctors love this smart watch because they can get quick information fast throughout their hectic day. In addition, the watch tracks their movement and heart rate, giving them up-to-the-second health insights that you can guess every doctor appreciates! It’s truly one of the top gifts to give a doctor.

Apple Watches are sturdy, sleek, and compact. They come in a variety of models and colors. Each watch is highly customizable with many different watch face settings and interchangeable watch bands available for purchase from Apple and across the internet.

Note: you’ll want to be sure that your gift recipient has an iPhone as the watch needs to connect to an iPhone to take advantage of all the features. Get it at

These smart blood pressure cuffs are the only blood pressure monitors that tech savvy doctors have on their personal wishlists. These monitors go above and beyond the standard digital blood pressure monitor. They make a perfect gift for busy doctors that love keeping track of their health stats.

Available in two easy-to-use models, the BPM Connect and the BPM Core, Withings blood pressure monitors are compact, sleek, and smart. Each model connects to the Withings Health Mate app to track the user’s stats and allow for data sharing with healthcare providers. The BPM Connect features WIFI plus bluetooth and collects blood pressure and heart rate measurements, displaying results on its screen. The BPM Core is even more advanced, combining the technology of a blood pressure monitor with a digital stethoscope and electrocardiogram. Shop at

This stethoscope is a gift from the heart. These devices are such a necessity in the medical field that a superior stethoscope truly makes for one of the top gifts for doctors you can buy. Your gift recipient will greatly appreciate the thoughtfulness of a high-quality 5-star stethoscope.

The Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope is that stethoscope. This highly rated device is optimized for auscultation of high & low frequencies (auscultation means observing sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs).

The Medelita Sensitive Stethoscope, designed and handcrafted by ERKA in Germany, features exceptional engineering. It’s great for any specialty, featuring the most advanced dual-membrane stethoscope available, with patented sound chamber geometry. The stethoscope is latex-free and dermatologically safe and comes with a durable case, a pair of soft silicone ear tips, and super-soft silicone ear tips. Get one at

Compression socks are a necessary part of a standard uniform in the medical profession. They greatly help reduce the leg fatigue and swelling that come with being on your feet all day. Doctors know this all too well.

These socks by Physix Gear are a favorite amongst many medical providers. Customers state that they maintain their shape and strength through many washes and stay put at the top of the leg. Give your favorite physician a leg up on their day with a pair of these comfortable compression socks. Get a set or two from

Optimizing your work wardrobe for comfort is a task that doctors have to take seriously. Being on their feet all day long can cause wear and tear on the body, and they know exactly what’s happening on the inside, making it all the more important to them to find solutions.

Something as simple as quality insoles in their work shoes can make a huge difference. Purchasing insoles as a gift for a doctor is a very thoughtful gesture. Your gift says that you care about their short term comfort and long term health.

These insoles are built to last and provide fantastic heel cushioning and rebound, reducing the damaging impact that the feet would otherwise experience. The result is less pain and fatigue with more energy and comfort. UPMATIC insoles boast anti-microbial odor resistance technology, so your gift recipient can rest assured that no one’s nose is bothered when the shoes come off at the end of the day. They are customizable to fit the wearer’s exact shoe size, as well. Grab a pair at

When shopping for gifts to give a doctor, an underscrub tee would not come first to mind – but hear us out. This top is designed for all day comfort, keeping the wearer cool under stress and physical exertion while also keeping them warm during less active periods in the cold environment of the workplace. The Second Skin Underscrub Tee features buttery soft, breathable 4-way stretch knit fabric that wicks away moisture to keep the wearer dry and odor-free.

Customers rave about these and claim that they’re perfect outside the office – wearing them as a part of their everyday attire, during workouts indoors and out, even as pajamas. Yes, they’re that comfortable. Gifting an underscrub tee is a gift of pure comfort. The Second Skin Underscrub is available for men and women. Shop at

Long days spent standing or uncomfortably bending over patients can result in agonizing muscle pains. The Theragun Elite provides a deep muscle massage treatment that powerfully relieves the worst tension and soreness.

Theragun Elite features a powerful but quiet motor, 120-minute total battery life, a customizable speed range, app integration through Bluetooth, and an OLED screen displaying the battery status and current force meter setting. Your gift recipient will also gain free access to an exclusive Theragun digital course in percussive therapy.

Therabody is renowned for its devotion to engineering excellence in personal therapeutic massage devices. The resulting products are ergonomic, powerful, and long-lasting. You can be sure that the doctor you’re gift shopping for knows about the Theragun and its reputation as the most coveted therapeutic deep tissue massager on the market today. They’ll be deeply grateful for your gift! Get one at

If money is no object and the doctor you’re shopping for is fitness-obsessed, look no further than the Peloton. The bike is an all-in-one workout experience and truly an investment in one’s health and wellbeing. They offer payment plans or outright purchase for the bikes themselves to suit your buying preferences. You can also pick up the tab for their Peloton video fitness streaming subscription as an extra special gesture.

Getting a workout in is difficult for doctors, whose long shifts and demanding work means that they are either too busy or too tired to make the effort to visit the gym. Peloton stationary bikes are beautiful pieces of equipment that couple with Peloton’s own fitness streaming service to conveniently bring studio cycling classes led by enthusiastic personal trainers into the home gym – or office, living room, bedroom, garage, etc. The streaming service provides daily live classes as well as a wide variety of taped on-demand classes. Fitness enthusiasts can even “ride” with their friends in private sessions. The doctor you’re shopping for will never forget this gift, that’s for sure. Shop at

For a stylish doctor, the Quantum Technical Jacket provides all the perks of a lab coat in an equally professional presentation, but with an elevated, edgy energy. This piece can go beyond the clinic, unlike a traditional white coat, and be worn over casual clothes as a trendy, lightweight covering for everyday wear.

Featuring smart pocketing for clinicians and impeccable finishing, this polished piece is ready for anything – from full day of patient consultations, to dinner at the posh hipster restaurant downtown with a 2-year waitlist. The doctor you’re shopping for will look the part wherever they go in Quantum. Even better, the jacket looks impeccable embroidered with your gift recipient’s name and title. It’s an extra special touch for an already perfect gift for a doctor that shows just how much you respect their achievements. Shop Quantum at