5 Tips for Choosing a Women's Lab Coat

If you're purchasing a Medelita lab coat for the first time, you may feel overwhelmed by the choices available to you. After all, having a choice at all is a revolutionary concept for medical apparel. While all of our styles look great on any figure, we want you to look and feel perfect. Here are 5 tips to help you make the best decision. 1. Looking the Part One of the most important factors to determine which women's lab coat would be best for you is your professional title. The healthcare industry is a varied amalgam of high profile roles, often with specific standards and demands. If you're a female dentist, our dental coats, Elsie G. and Lucy H.T., were designed specifically to accommodate the exact range of motion and ergonomics required of you. During our design phases, we went so far as to test these coats against hours of sitting with arms in extension, to mimic the movement required of dental professionals. Medelita dental lab coats also feature snap closure and knit cuffed sleeves. If you're a student, the Elizabeth B. is a perfect fit. The hip-length lab coat is similar to our original Callia lab coat in design features and features feminine shaping and rounded lapels. The Elizabeth B. lab coat is also very popular with nurse practitioners. 2. Pants or a Skirt? Do you wear a skirt or slacks/scrub pants beneath your lab coat? Your typical style of professional dress is an important component of deciding how long your lab coat should be. Our longer 38" Callia and Estie styles are perfect with scrub pants, slacks, or longer skirts, while the 34" Ellody is a great length to pair with any skirt that falls at or above the knee. 3. Hourglass vs. Athletic As women, we've all had a moment or two of feeling as though the attention spotlight is a little lower than it ought to be. For bustier and curvier women, our Estie lab coat is designed to flatter curves with a professional subtlety. With pleating below the bust, slimming vertical princess seams, and defined waist detailing, the Estie lab coat is perfect for anyone with a C cup or greater. On the opposite side of the fence, women with more athletic frames will find that our Callia and Ellody styles accentuate a feminine touch while maintaining a professional look. 4. How Tall Are You? Your height is another important factor in determining the right length for your lab coat. Our Callia and Estie lab coats fall just above the knee on a woman of 5'6" height, and we recommend these styles if you're 5'6" or taller. The Ellody lab coat looks absolutely stunning on women who are 5'5" or shorter, or if you are a taller woman who prefers to wear skirts professionally. 5. Rounded vs. Straight Lapels Our clinician lab coats are designed with two very distinct lapel styles, and most women have a strong preference. For a more traditional look, the Estie lab coat features a straight lapel and collar, but with ideal placement higher on the clavicles for an updated look, as compared to traditional unisex styles.  In contrast, the rounded lapels of the Callia and Ellody lab coats offer a softer and more feminine appearance. For additional assistance in choosing a lab coat, please email us at contact.us@medelita.com or call 877-987-7979 for personalized service.

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