How Doctors and Nurses Stay Comfortable At Work

Balancing the busy schedule and hectic nature of a medical profession might seem impossible, but prioritizing your own comfort can be as simple as finding the right pair of scrubs or taking a quick moment to collect your thoughts. Following these easy guidelines can help keep you comfortable and performing at your very best, even on the hardest days.

Wear scrubs that work with your body

The last thing you need on a long shift is a pair of uncomfortable or ill-fitting scrubs. Your clothes should work with you, not against you. Keeping in mind that looking good and feeling comfortable in your clothes are not mutually exclusive, this is where a pair of stretch scrubs come in handy. Try scrubs made with performance or moisture control fabrics that, when joined with athletically-inspired designs, work with your body while it’s saving lives.

Take a break — mentally and physically

Keeping comfortable at work requires rest, both physically and mentally. Give yourself a few moments each day to take a deep breath and focus on your mental health. We know that can be difficult given the nature of the medical field, but mobile apps like Headspace and Aura can send small, helpful reminders to breathe or take a small walk. Finding a moment of calm in the madness of your day will help both you and your patients in the long run.

Stay warm

Medical offices and hospitals can be notoriously cold, and shivering is not conducive to productivity. A scrub jacket is an easy way to stay warm while still looking professional. Look for one that combines modern design with functional elements, like two-way stretch and moisture-wicking fabric for maximum comfort and functionality.

Or, alternatively, stay cool

There are, of course, exceptions to most stereotypes. So, while you might be working in a cold office one day, you could be sprinting from one patient to another the next day. A good scrub t-shirt should be able to help you keep cool — and dry — even on the hottest, busiest shifts. Find one with a sleek design so it doesn't bunch under your scrubs.

Don't put unnecessary pressure on yourself

Ok, we mean don't be too hard on yourself emotionally, but also physically. The tools you carry should help, not hurt you. Don't buy a stethoscope that will weigh you down or pull on your neck. Find one that's effective, but also ergonomic and will protect your ears from unnecessary discomfort.

Find the right footwear

If you're going to be on your feet for close to 15 hours a day, you're going to need shoes that offer support and safety. First things first, make sure you find a pair that is OSHA compliant, meaning they fully cover your feet and are slip-resistant. Next, you'll need a pair that offers arch support and breathability. Be sure to try on a few pairs until you find a pair suited to your individual needs and preferences.

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