Honoring a Pioneer: Lucy Hobbs Taylor, DDS

Today I'm going to talk about "the woman who pulls teeth." My favorite blogs to write are the ones in our 'Honoring a Pioneer' series. As an avid history buff, I find myself excited whenever I'm given the opportunity to research and write about the lives of historical figures - and Lucy Hobbs Taylor is an exceptional example. Lucy Hobbs Taylor was born on March 14, 1833 in Franklin County, New York, and like many of our pioneers, she faced a society that narrowly limited the role of women to motherhood, or more traditionally, female occupations such as teacher or nurse. After teaching school for 10 years, Lucy was determined to pursue advanced medical study. In 1859, she was rejected for admission to medical school based on her gender, but rather than be deterred, she pursued her studies as a private student under the guidance of the dean of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery. At the age of 28, Lucy Hobbs Taylor opened her own dental practice, and in time, she came to be known as "the woman who pulls teeth." After serving patients for four years in her own dentistry practice, the Iowa State Dental Society accepted her as a member and she was admitted to the senior class of the Ohio College of Dental Surgery. In February 1866, Lucy Hobbs became the first woman in U.S. history to earn a doctorate in dentistry.  Due (in large part) to the efforts of Lucy Hobbs Taylor, almost one thousand women were welcomed to the dental profession by the turn of the century. Since 1983, the American Association of Women Dentists has recognized outstanding females in the profession by annually bestowing the Lucy Hobbs Taylor Award. The AAWD describes this honor as "the highest and most prestigious award that the AAWD presents to one of its professional members. This award recognizes a woman dentist who has contributed to the advancement, enrichment, and betterment of the role of women in the field of dentistry through her achievements in civic, cultural, humanitarian and academic areas." We chose to honor this inspiring woman in our own Medelita way. The 34? length Lucy H.T. lab coat is named after Lucy Hobbs Taylor, and is designed specifically to accommodate the exact range of motion and ergonomics required of dental practitioners. The Lucy H.T. dental lab coat features cuffed sleeves, and snap closure for OSHA compliance. It boasts breathable, 100% cotton performance fabric that repels fluid, soil, and stains – including blood and impression material. With a slimming back waist-band, beautiful rounded pocket detail, finished inside seams, and softly rounded collar – the Lucy H.T. lab coat is ideal for any female dentist or dental surgeon, and we find it a fitting (and fitted) tribute to this amazing, prestigious, and accomplished woman. Learn more about the Lucy H.T. Medelita Lab Coat

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