International Shipping Made Easy With 3 Steps

It’s a small world - we’ve all heard it before - but it is especially true now with the speed of information sharing.  Medelita’s customer base for lab coats and scrubs continually grows both domestically and internationally, and we are constantly improving the international shipping experience. Some of the hardest international customer service questions are related to where the package is, or surprise at the tariffs and duties levied by the local governments.   While we can often help with the former, we currently cannot help with the latter (but we are working on it).  Duties on foreign goods are a fact we all live with for the moment.   It is a price we pay for getting something really extraordinary that we are unable to find locally. There are three helpful hints that I’ve learned about successful international shipping: 1)     Medelita’s website has a helpful shipping calculation tool to provide shipping costs prior to checkout:  // 2)     The shipping address should be the location where you will be during business hours, not necessarily your home.  Unlike domestic shipping, international shipments require payment of duties and taxes before the package can be delivered.  The customer must be available to a UPS agent to address these requirements before they can obtain their package; 3)     UPS worldwide expedited shipping is virtually as quick as domestic, so think about your schedule, will you be on vacation next week?  If so, wait until you return to place your order.  Because once the package ships, it is very expensive for you (if not impossible for us) to reroute it or get it back. Keeping these thoughts in mind will go a long way to ensuring your garments arrive safely into your hands in virtually the same time frame as if you were only one state away.  It is one of the many miracles of our modern, small, world. international-shipping

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