iPad In Your Lab Coat Pocket?

So many of you already have one.  Can't live without it.  Carry it at all times.  Use it on the job.  Use it socially.  And as your emails clearly state . . . would like to figure out a way to carry it in your lab coat pocket.  Hmm.  We planned for just about everything in our lab coat pockets . . . pens, Rx pads, reference books, money, chapstick, lipstick, IDs, wallets, iPhones, PDAs, patient lists/notes.  But a 9.56" x 7.47" x 0.5" sleek, potentially breakable, 1.6 lb iPad? It 'almost' fits in our men's lab coat pockets.  The triangular stitching at the top of the front lab coat pockets, just barely prevents it from slipping in.  And the inside pocket - not big enough.  Women's lab coats - not big enough.  You really want a nearly 2 lb object pulling on one side of your lab coat for a 12 + hour shift?  Personally I would find this to be uncomfortable and awkward.  I'd surely lean over a gurney and hear a crunch, in no time. We'd love to hear more honest feedback about this request.  Do you have one?  What percentage of the time to you use it during a shift?  Do you mind a one-sided mini-weight?  If you already use one on the job, where do you store it? Medelita is on a forever mission to continually improve and update our lab coats and medical scrubs, to ensure that we are always on the cusp of modern technology - not only in our fabrication and styling - but of those tools used and required of the colleagues who wear Medelita.  But the question is - should we make one pocket bigger, and leave the other as is?  Make the inside pocket bigger, but see the stitching from the outside?  Or simply wait until the ever-changing technology of today, finds its way into a smaller design?

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