Medelita Supports The Girl Scouts of America STEM Program in Utah

A few months ago Keila Valdz Mower, a Girl Scout leader in Utah, wrote a compelling email to Medelita requesting a donation of lab coats to support a STEM Education program. Medelita enthusiastically said YES! We are very excited to take a journey with the troop in support of their mission to educate young ladies about the career possibilities in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields (STEM). We will be posting pictures of their adventures as they meet with different STEM professionals.

Kiela and assistant leader Kathy Steen Spahr shared the following experience about their first STEM trip. “I wanted to share a sweet/positive story today. As part of our STEM Education program, our girls meet with Dermatologist Dr Kimberly Peppit and Registered Dietitian Jaime Saunders from The University of Utah Health Center in Daybreak. The girls learned all about skin care, nutrition and the role of STEM Education in their lives. What made this experience perfect, was the fact that the girls were wearing Lab Coats with their names embroidered in and ID badges… [Medelita] made it possible for girls to have a visual idea of what their future may look like.” Additional information on the Girl Scouts of America STEM program: 

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