Most Meaningful Email of the Day

At Medelita we are lucky to service a rather vocal group of professionals.  Considering how busy everyone is - we're always pleasantly surprised to get an email from a customer stating their impressions of our lab coats and medical scrubs.  This one truly made our day today.  I passed it along to our small team, so that they could realize the impact of their dedication and quality of service. "Medelita never ceases to amaze me. I hope everyone is as excited about your product as I am!  I could seriously be a spokeswoman for your product - love love love!   The lab coat is great!  I don't wear a coat often, but I'm excited to get into this one!  I can't thank you enough!!!!  You make an athletic girl feel extremely comfortable every second of every day in an environment where people are constantly sizing you up. Your scrubs are IDEAL for plastic surgery clinicians.  You never have to worry about how they look---plain and simple, they fit." - Justine R., PA-C

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