Nurses Week: A Voice to Lead

The theme for this year's Nurses Week is "A Voice to Lead."

Breaking leadership down into 3 categories: Inspiring, Innovating, & Influencing, we asked nurses which one they lead by: 

INSPIRING- Whether you’re a leader from the bedside inspiring those around you to provide extraordinary patient care, or a leader inspiring those who make policy, how do you lead by inspiring?

INNOVATING- Nurses are masters of workarounds and will do whatever is needed to ensure the patients are cared for. How do you lead by innovation?

INFLUENCING- Whatever it may be, nurses are often on the front line of contributing to our community’s health and well-being. How do you lead by influencing?

Georgina Villarreal, MSN, RN 

Georgina is a first-generation college graduate and Registered Nurse in her family. Her journey to nursing was inspired by her Great Grandmother, Lydia (her middle name), who was cared for by amazing nurses before she passed away from Leukemia. Nursing was the perfect career path for Georgina because it allows her to practice compassion, critical skills, creativity, and health promotion.


"I like to lead by innovating. Since I became a bedside nurse, I have been provided so many opportunities to innovate as a nurse and entrepreneur. From starting my own healthcare-inspired apparel to working with an incredible nurse app start-up company called HOLLIBLU, I have been working hard for my nurse and healthcare community both on a micro and macro scale. As much as I love working at the bedside, I will always be passionate about innovating and creating a better and stronger community for those to come!" - Georgina Villarreal, MSN, RN 

Lindsey McNiff, RN, BSN

When Lindsey was in high school, she went on a mission trip to Haiti and had an amazing experience. Lindsey's brother was a nurse at the time and she saw how much he cared for each individual patient and how it impacted each person. This drove her passion and was how she decided to become a nurse.


"I think I lead by inspiring, innovating, and influencing because my objective is always to paint a real picture of nursing. Nursing is not always pretty. It's hard. It affects your mental health regardless of your personal strength. By supporting and uplifting each other, we can come together to better our profession." - Lindsey McNiff, RN, BSN 

Briana Cass, BSN, RN

Briana's interest in the field of nursing began during her middle school graduation, as her thoughts were focused on her father’s well-being. In 2008, her family’s life changed dramatically when my father underwent a surgical procedure involving the removal of portions of his gastrointestinal system. Despite a successful surgery, Briana's father returned home with open wounds and drainage tubes that required constant attention. It was through assisting with his rehabilitation when she concluded that the field of nursing is challenging and constantly changing, but being able to make a difference for patients on a daily basis is a career that she's certain is for her.


"I lead by inspiring my PICU patients to be stronger than they believe they can be. I learned as a competitive figure skater that setbacks are an integral and natural part of life, as well as in the healthcare field. By applying this to my nursing practice in the PICU I am able to inspire my patients to push through their personal limits and hardships, in order to overcome the particular obstacle that they're facing at the time." - Briana Cass, BSN, RN 

Courtney Davenport, RN, BSN 

Courtney is a full time hospice nurse and part time Doctor of Nursing student. At one point she decided nursing wasn't for her and decided not go to school- but after a year or so of soul searching; Courtney learned that she is desperate to help others. Caring for others pushes all her worries aside and brings her a joy that is indescribable.
Working in hospice and caring for patients and their loved ones fills her soul completely.


"I lead by always being the first to stand up in a meeting and review how we are doing something, while offering solutions to problems when something is wrong. I always volunteer to train other declines and other nurses. I also lead by talking about my journey in a transport way in the public eye on Instagram, hoping to bring education to others about the end of life.
I lead by innovation when I always put my patients and their families first, but also setting healthy boundaries at the same time. There have been many times where I have stayed late to help patients or gone to see patients on my days off because I know the impact it will have for them, while for me it only cost a couple hours of my day.
I hope that I am influencing others to look at the end of life as not a sad thing, but rather an opportunity to bring a longe- for comfort which they have been searching for, often for years. I want to shed positivity on the light of nursing and let new nurses know that nursing has many bright days." - Courtney Davenport, RN, BSN

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