Pharmacist Month Stories on the Burnout Doctor Podcast

By Dr. Jessica Louie, PharmD, APh, BCCCP
I’m passionate about helping people find confidence to live intentionally so we all create meaningful contributions to the world. I’m the founder of Clarify Simplify Align The Burnout Doctor Podcast where I help BURNED out pharmacists & healthcare professionals get out of overwhelm and live with LESS clutter and MORE energy. Jessica is a Master-Level Certified KonMari Consultant and helps declutter your life. Dr. Louie practices as an Associate Professor and Critical Care Pharmacist in Los Angeles.


Today we are discussing the WHY behind Pharmacist Month Stories.

WHY are we launching Pharmacist Month Stories?

Pharmacist Month is celebrated every October and Pharmacist Month Stories was born from an idea I had about sharing our profession with you openly and honestly. I envisioned pharmacists sharing their unique career paths, entrepreneurial journeys and talking openly about burnout, stress or simplifying stories. Just like the WHY behind The Burnout Doctor Podcast, feeling comfortable and transparent to share my struggles and journey with burnout and simplifying is SO important to me. And I knew that fellow pharmacists had stories to share with you.

HOW are we launching Pharmacist Month Stories?

You will be hearing episodes EVERY DAY Monday thru Friday on the podcast from new pharmacists each day! We have 27 pharmacists sharing their journey this month!

This series is formatted so anyone listening can learn something new – from non-healthcare professionals to healthcare professionals to pharmacists to students or trainees – there is something for everyone. I intentionally put it together so that non-healthcare professionals can learn more about our profession and unique roles in healthcare. I intentionally put it together so fellow pharmacists and healthcare professionals learn something new and feel a sense of community as people share their burnout stories. I intentionally put it together so students or trainees learn more about the unique career paths and do not feel alone as they face struggles or uncertainties moving forward.

WHAT to expect for Pharmacist Month Stories?

Make sure you are subscribed to the podcast to listen daily Monday-Friday. Make sure you are receiving our emails for our Weekly Saturday email newsletter recapping the week and behind-the-scenes stories. Make sure you are following on LinkedIn and Instagram where we will post daily and have weekly video recaps.

You are going to hear from a variety of pharmacists who work in academia like myself, in hospital, in administrative leadership roles, in ambulatory care settings, in pharmaceutical industry and ones who own their own businesses.

We also have previously talked about Pharmacist Month on the podcast last year! Go back to episode 22 where we talk about 10 Fun Facts about Pharmacists.


Each episode will feature the pharmacists’ journey into the profession, their entrepreneurial journey, their burnout or simplifying story, their advice during Pharmacists Month and any exciting projects they are working on right now.

Now that we have gone through the WHY, HOW and WHAT of Pharmacist Month Stories, let me share a little more about my role as a pharmacist. Tune into episode 67 to hear me talk about my role as a Post-ICU Syndrome Pharmacist.

Spark Joy in Life,

Dr. Jessica Louie, PharmD, APh, BCCCP

Founder of Clarify Simplify Align &Host of The Burnout Doctor Podcast 

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