How Your Private Practice Can Benefit From Automated Marketing

A practice management software program that combines a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and an Automated Marketing System combines the best of both worlds. The primary benefit is the ability to store all activity in one location, and use information from marketing campaigns and patient history to create the best client experience and grow your practice.

Standard automated marketing systems include email blast systems and some sort of CRM element. However, text messaging is emerging as the most effective method of communication due to the popularity of smart phones. Text messaging has a higher chance of being read, and is a faster way to send information as most users keep their phones close.

Practices that implement an automated marketing system grow their business and add far more new clients and repeat clients to their businesses that only complete an external marketing approach. The best part is that these systems only require an initial set up and then run on their own – with only occasional maintenance required. There are a few key reasons why automated marketing systems benefit aesthetic practices.

Increased Client Engagement

Efficient Contact

Automated marketing also helps keep your clients informed about events and promotions through multiple communication channels such as email, text messaging and voice phone calls. Text and email blasts can also be sent to clients though filtered tags – this is unique to MDware, which allows you to send mass emails to clients based on tags such as type of treatment, date of treatment, product purchased, name, etc. This is used to market relevant content and promotions or events specifically to people who are more likely to be interested based on their history.

Personalize Your Client’s Experience

Setting up automated milestone emails sent to patients on birthdays, anniversaries and any other specified date creates a personal experience and helps the client feel more special. It helps show your client that their business is valued and that you care. Having this process automated saves time, but still receive the benefits.

Contacting clients is easiest if CRM, Practice Management System and Automated marketing is integrated into one system since their information is readily available.

Enhances Image + Reinforces Availability

Consistent contact with new and old clients reinforces your availability, and content marketing reinforces clients’ perception of proficiency in a specific field by displaying your expertise. Distribute articles, info and newsletters to clients already in your system. Integrated programs such as MDware allow social media integration - the program will post on your behalf to advertise open appointment spots to easily fill them up with interested clients.

Improves Patient Experience

Here are some different tools you can use to grow your business automatically. 

Email Nurturing Programs

An onboarding sequence – this is a series of emails to welcome and educate leads on your practice

A lead/client Nurturing sequence – this is a series of emails to existing clients and older leads to keep them informed of promotions and events

Growth Programs

VIP Programs – increases repeat visits + regularity by accumulating points redeemable for further products or services

Referral programs – leverages client’s network to gain new client. Existing client receives reward for referring new clients

Reduce No Shows

Reduces no shows with automated appointment reminders by email/text. Text reminders are ideal as it is the MOST effective contact method. Automatic reminders also eliminate pressure on staff to ensure reminders are completed and free up their time for more productive tasks.

Faster, More Efficient Appointments

Creating a streamlined process using one system rather than a series of different programs improves the patient’s experience. Using an integrated CRM, Practice Management and Automated Marketing Program, patients can complete their medical and information profiles on tablets while in the waiting room, once submitted, this information will be filed electronically and immediately available to the practitioner.

As a result of having fast, accurate information submitted by the patient themselves, all communication via the automated marketing system is personalized using the client’s profile information – name, treatment, dates of treatments etc.

Personalized Follow Ups

Automated follow ups and post procedure information can also be set to automatically send. This ensures that clients are satisfied and know that their practitioners care. Unique to MDware – custom follow ups can be sent based on treatment and predefined to send after a certain time period.

Automated marketing as a whole is designed to increase awareness, engage clients and give them the best experience possible. Practices can pick and choose which features will work best for them, or use them all! And the best part? It runs on its own, letting you focus on what’s important – your clients!


Kelly Rajkumar is the Marketing Manager at MDware Software. Kelly is an expert at helping clinics find the right software solution to streamline their businesses and maximize profit. She is an avid kickboxer and has been teaching and practicing the sport for over 5 years now. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring her hometown of Toronto, Canada.

MDware is a complete solution for medical and aesthetic practices combining a powerful Practice Management Software Program and a comprehensive + affordable Marketing Module designed to help practitioners automatically grow their business. Visit for more information!

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