Top Shelf Self Care Tips

Self care is somewhat of a taboo subject, but slowly professionals, especially medical professionals, are acknowledging and promoting its importance.

In honor of #SelfCareSummer I wanted to share with you all my favorite ways to take care of #1!

A GOOD MORNING ROUTINE. Because of my schedule my morning starts at a different time nearly everyday, but I try to make the time for a few basics!

WATER WITH LEMON. I notice when I skip this step, I drink less water all together throughout the day which is no bueno.

MORNING GREENS. I’ve never really been a breakfast person but a morning green smoothie is a great way to get a ton of good nutrients first thing in the morning…my favorite is kale, spinach, lemon, spirulina, ginger, green apple, and banana…yum!

TIME MANAGEMENT. I try to give myself a little time in the morning to just enjoy my routine instead of waking up and rushing because I’m late. Keeps the cortisol levels down!

HEALTHY EATING. Honestly one of my favorite days of the week is when I can get to the grocery store or Farmer’s Market and spend time picking healthy, beautiful foods. If you don’t have access to a market or organic grocery store, just buying local fruits and vegetables that are in season will make a big difference!

GET MOVING! My favorite “workouts” are yoga and running. However, they’ve become much more about having time to clear my head than to get a good sweat… that’s just an added bonus!

A GOOD BOOK. Don’t underestimate the power of getting lost in a book! Detach from your everyday world for a while and let your mind open up to the endless possibilities...

MEDITATION. This is a new one for me. My mind is always racing, but I’ve found that the app Headspace is great introduction!

What are your tips for #SelfCareSummer?!

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