Tips for Getting Into Dental School

With National Dentist Day right around the corner, we wanted to highlight some of the hot topics associated with this career path. Obviously, the first step to becoming a dentist is getting into Dental School. So, if you think a dental career might be in your future, here are some of our very own Ambassador, Dr. Natasha Bhalla DDS’s observations about getting in:

  • Extracurriculars and your Letters of References are important. Numerous times, I’ve seen someone receive an interview because the recommendation was from someone they knew. In Canada, you just submit your grades to receive an interview.
  • Try to be involved in leadership positions and interesting volunteer positions during your undergrad. You do not need to need to be a part of 10 different things but rather be involved in a few things. That way you can draw from experiences in those few activities and speak about them.
  • The DAT can make a difference. Numerous applicants have received an acceptance based largely on their DAT score. So, set aside time to study for it. If that means taking less strenuous courses during the semester you’re taking your DAT - do that.
  • If you are granted an interview - prepare. I wrote down the answers to some 100 questions and rehearsed them out loud. I prepared for standard questions and situation based questions. The situation based questions being - what would you do if you had a conflict with a colleague etc. There are websites that give you examples of such questions along with examples on how to structure your answers.
  • Natasha Bhalla DDS is a first year Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery resident from New York who loves to use her social media platform to share parts of her life as a resident while wearing her favorite MEDELITA white coat, the Merit P. For more information, be sure to follow her @dr.natashabhalla

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