What is Bacteriostatic and What does it Mean for You?

Medelita Baltic Scrubs for WomenDid you know that human sweat is odorless? Our sweat itself doesn't actually smell, and the odor we associate with perspiration is caused primarily by bacteria on our skin. These bacteria rapidly multiply in the presence of sweat, breaking our perspiration down into certain acids and causing unwanted and embarrassing odors - the last thing you want when you're dealing with patients. Medelita medical scrubs are made from certified high-performance drirelease® with FreshGuard® fabric. So what's special about the bacteriostatic FreshGuard® performance feature? FreshGuard® is an odor neutralizer that is embedded in the drirelease® fabric. It doesn't kill bacteria - instead, it eliminates odors in your scrubs by blocking bacterial growth and preventing sebaceous body oils and skin cells from actually attaching to the fabric. Unlike other chemical treatments, FreshGuard® is completely friendly to the environment - and to you. FreshGuard® is built directly into the fabric at the yarn level, so it doesn't wash out. In fact, all FreshGuard® engineered fabrics are put through standard ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) wash tests, which include 50 washings. In each of these tests, FreshGuard® products by Medelita emerged like-new and incredibly soft. The reason we advise against using fabric softener with your scrubs is that fabric softener coats clothing and can clog the weave of our performance fabric. The additional coating created by fabric softener actually acts like a shield, preventing FreshGuard® from working and providing a safe place for bacteria to multiply. Luckily, because the fabric does dry so quickly, you only need to put your scrubs in the dryer for 10 to 15 minutes. Every feature of every garment we make was chosen for a reason with you in mind. Working in healthcare, your comfort and the comfort of your patients are important. Medelita scrubs work as you do, to ensure that you never have to be embarrassed by unwanted body odors.

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