Enclothed Cognition

    • Peer-Reviewed Study Confirms That Patients Prefer White Coats

      This new peer reviewed study reveals that the wearing of a white coat leads to higher levels of patient satisfaction and can play a vital role in the patient-physician relationship.
    • Why I Chose Community and Geriatric Pharmacy

      Pharmacy essentially combines multiple disciplines into one dynamic, constantly evolving field. In many cases, pharmacy sits at the intersection of medicine and business. It is extremely important to have vast and deep clinical knowledge, and it is just as important (if not more so in today’s healthcare climate) to possess a sound business acumen.
    • Vulnerability & Mental Health In Medicine

      All month long we’re sharing snapshots of our humanity through the lens of vulnerability on social media in hopes of creating a dialogue strong enough to transform culture and we’re combating powerful things like isolation, disconnection, shame and burnout along the way.
    • Work Scrubs That Withstand the Test of Time

      Have you ever wondered what goes into making quality scrubs? Read more about why material matters when buying scrubs and how it can make a difference in your appearance.
    • Choosing A Single Specialty

      I just assumed I would learn about some system and have an aha moment when I realized that was the speciality for me. I ended up finishing all of didactic year without having that moment.
    • Self Care for the Healthcare Professional

      Healthcare professionals are wonderful at taking care of others, but in order to give to others, it’s important to take care of yourself!
    • Tips for Staying Awake and Alert at Work | Medelita

      Staying awake is hard, and even harder when you've been working long hours or at night. Here's some tips on how to maintain mental alertness during long work shifts.
    • Five Things You Should Know About Nursing

      I hope that you can take these back to your practice, your patients, your office and be that nurse. The nurse that you love working with. The nurse that is a superstar. The nurse that asks for help when things get hard. Be that nurse. Be better. Work harder. Do it for your patients.
    • Forging Your Future in Pharmacy: Your Go-To Guide For Networking & Conferences

      Especially in the competitive market that pharmacy is today, who you know and how you provide value to them and their network will provide you with the ultimate leverage to open doors for anywhere you want to go with your career.
    • What You Need to Know about Custom Lab Coat Embroidery

      Considering getting a custom lab coat embroidery? Check out the tips on what you should know before customizing and ordering your new embroidered lab coats.
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