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National Women Physicians Day: White Coat Memories

After reviewing a number of wonderful submissions, our panel of judges has selected Ms. Karen Yeter MD as the winner of our Week One Contest....

Innovators & Leaders

Innovation Spotlight: UPMC Enterprises

UPMC’s innovation investments in everything from better cancer detection to telemedicine to supply chain strategies and beyond are paving the way for better, more efficient patient care....

Healthcare News

Are Community Retail Health Clinics Being Used Properly?

For low-level problems like bronchitis or urinary tract infections, consumers are more likely to go to the emergency department than to a health clinic located less than a 10-minute drive away, a new study suggests....

Logo Of The Week

Logo Of The Week: American College of Surgeons

The ACS has currently over 80,000 members, including 6,600 international Fellows, making it the largest surgical organization in the world....

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From The Blog

Jan 20, 2017 10:00:34 AM

Nurses: The Benefits Of Taking A Break

It’s ironic that those entrusted to keep the rest of us comfortable, rested, and fed aren’t afforded the same courtesy—especially in a field where nurse fatigue and patient safety are so closely linked.

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Jan 17, 2017 11:11:21 AM

This Innovative Wearable Device Has Unlocked The Secret Of Stress Management

The technology at Spire is designed specifically to help users take control of their respiration and in doing so, give them the ability to moderate their overall mental and physiological well-being.

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Jan 9, 2017 8:45:43 AM

National Women Physicians Day 2017: Social Media Contest

In the weeks leading up to NWPD we will be accepting submissions from anyone with a story to tell about your experience as a woman physician.

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