2016 Biometric Milestones Snapshot

From patient safety initiatives to prescription dosage automation, March of 2016 was a busy month for developers and legislators. In the neverending quest for applying the most innovative technologies to push towards an optimal healthcare system with better health outcomes - here’s a snapshot.

 MARCH 27, 2016 

Palm-vein biometrics technology by Imprivata helped bolster Carolinas HealthCare System’s patient safety initiatives and reduce duplicate medical records error rate from 2.9 percent to 0.01 percent using.

According to reports, 97 percent of patients have accepted the technology and agreed to palm-vein scans.

 MARCH 28, 2016 

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, University of Electronic Science and Technology of China’s Police Equipment Joint Research Lab have developed a police vehicle equipped with a facial recognition system that can pick criminal suspects out of a crowd.

Aside from comparing people’s faces to a ‘persons of interest’ database, the surveillance system can also recognize license plate numbers and car types, identify mobile phones within its radius, or can be set to look for ‘one specific person’. Results observed from these implementations could inspire the healthcare industry to creatively apply these means to drive higher electronic patient care coordination and reduce trending medical theft and fraud.

 MARCH 28, 2016

NEC Corporation of America’s NeoScan45 mobile fingerprint capture devices have been successfully delivered to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

ICE will integrate the 2 and 10 print mobile biometric collection devices to allow collection of biometrics in the field. Being able to identify and or verify subjects at the first point of encounter is essential for officer safety, timely and accurate decision-making, efficiency and effectiveness of operations.

 MARCH 30, 2016

Precise Biometrics and  Fingerprint Cards (FPC) are providing the fingerprint technology for new Gionee and Redmi smartphones.

The Gionee W909 features the FPC touch fingerprint sensor FPC1025 and Precise Biometrics’ algorithm solution for fingerprint recognition in mobile devices, Precise BioMatch Mobile. The Redmi 3 Enhanced edition features the FPC touch fingerprint sensor FPC1035 and Precise BioMatch Mobile.

 MARCH 31, 2016 

At this month’s National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin SummitIntent Solutions, a health technology and data company, introduced new medical device technology called TAD, “Take As Directed”,.

The patient biometrics device notifies the patient that it’s time to take the pill, scans their fingerprint to authenticate the patient, delivers the pill, and records the data.