Aaliya Yaqub, MD

Aaliya Yaqub MD is a board-certified internist with expertise in dermatology and rheumatology. She is on faculty at Stanford School of medicine where she teaches medical students and is a key advisor to several healthcare startups in Silicon Valley. She is also the medical founder of Forward, a concierge health membership which uses technology to empower patients. She is passionate about empowering others and teaching young doctors about entrepreneurship and innovation. 

In her own words,

"I love being able to treat patients, teach medical students and work on innovation in healthcare. The variety in my work is incredibly intellectually stimulating. The biggest challenge so far has been a personal one. How do I achieve the best work life compromise? With 2 toddlers and a 3rd baby on the way, it can be hard to find enough time for family, self care and work, but having a wonderful supportive partner is key and also knowing that every week is different from the next. 

Professional style means putting your best foot forward. How you present yourself impacts how much trust patients place in your care. I really enjoy dressing up for work and feeling my best. Ive been frustrated with poorly fitting attire for health care professionals and its nice to know that there is a brand that wants to change that. How we look impacts how we feel."

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