Abigail Felsted, MS
Abigail Felsted, MS

Abigail Felsted, MS

Name: Abigail Felsted, MS

Title: Medical Student

Location: Salt Lake CIty, UT

School/Program: University of Utah School of Medicine

Currently Wearing: The Elizabeth B. Women's Athletic Fit Lab Coat

Why did you choose your profession?:
When I was young, my little brother was diagnosed with brain cancer. My world was turned upside down and the hospitals became our world for nearly a decade. Unlike many, the hospital actually became a haven for me. A safe place where I could be with my family and even strangers who cared about us that became family. The doctors taught me things about scans and stethoscopes. I grew up wanting to be exactly like them and my path has never waivered.

Current Passion Project:
Premedical/medical student mentorship

Who was/is your inspiration?
My little brother Andrew and his oncologist.

Fun Fact 1:
I played competitive water polo and have a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do!

Fun Fact 2:
I published my first paper at 18 and have an established cancer research repertoire!

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?
If it is your calling, do not let anything or anyone stand in your way because it is worth it.

For more information, be sure to contact her here:
@abisanatomy or on her blog