Ali Williams, Student

Ali Williams is a third-year Pre-Med student at a Florida university, and she also currently works as a Research Coordinator in Emergency Medicine Clinical Research at a level one trauma center to jumpstart her medical career before she starts medical school. She is also an illustrator with an interest in medically related art, and is the voice/illustrator behind the blog and Instagram account @MedLifeArt! When she isn't working or studying, you can find Ali focused on her passions of illustrating, blogging, website design, photography, and yoga.

In her own words,

"I have worked as an Emergency Medicine Scribe for two years and now work in Emergency Medicine Research. My favourite part of my job would have to be the exposure to an under recognized area of medicine. I love working directly with studies which have the potential to change lives for the better. 

Pursuing a career in medicine has always been a dream of mine, but the process started taking its toll on me. As a result, I turned to drawing! Art has always been a passion of mine but I never seemed to find the time. By combining my passion for drawing and my love for medicine, I have found the most amazing stress reliever.  I am not particularly sure which specialty I am interested in pursuing, possibly surgery, as I love hands on specialties!"

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