Amna Husain, MD
Amna Husain, MD

Amna Husain, MD

Name: Amna Husain, MD

Title: Pediatrician

Location: Marlboro, NJ

School/Program: Brody School of Medicine at East Carolina University

Currently Wearing: The Merit P. Slim Fit Lab Coat

Why did you choose your profession?:
I wish I could say I was destined to be a pediatrician…and in some ways, maybe I was. My mother is a general pediatrician, and I grew up thinking it was definitely what I wanted to do. But, I picked general pediatrics on a process of elimination! People laugh when I tell them my initial thoughts were “What field do I hate the least?” It’s true! I look back now, and I see a burnt out med student who was overrun with people pleasing, writing the perfect note, getting the best shelf grade, etc. When I picked peds, I thought “I think I can see myself doing this for the rest of my life,” but was I 100% sure? NOPE. When drafting my personal statement, I thought about how peds personally impacted me: - Besides a child’s parents/guardian, who else looks out for their health? PEDIATRICIAN - When a parent is nervous about their child’s health, who puts their thoughts to ease? PEDIATRICIAN - In an age of advanced medicine, we are helping individuals with congenital heart disease, cystic fibrosis, chromosomal abnormalities, and genetic anomalies live longer than ever before. Who monitors their growth, their caloric intake, their developmental progression? PEDIATRICIAN Insurance companies think we don’t really do anything difficult. Majority of us went into this field for the dedication and passion we have for children. We play a critical role in family dynamics and have a huge impact in guiding decisions that directly affect a child-stress, emotions, behavior, diet, exercise, milestones, etc. It helps our patients are pretty awesome too. I don’t have to beg a smoker with COPD to quit cigarettes. Children want to get better. There’s no concept of “ignoring the doctor’s advice.” “But how do you handle the parents?!” All I have to say is, I would take a helicopter parent over a negligent parent any day. I honor the trust parents give me to care for the most precious thing in their lives. Taking care of a patient from birth to 22 years takes continuity of care to a new level. Being a pediatrician is way more than just being a vet. Don’t let anyone pitch you that analogy!

Current Passion Project:
Direct Primary Care medicine -I run my own pediatric practice as DPC or Direct Primary Care. This model doesn’t participate in 3rd party billing but instead bills the patient directly.⁣⁣⁣⁣ I do office based visits and home visits for family and have a very personalized care model. My DPC practice is what I make it. You pay for quality, & I passionately believe in my message. I book free consultations for parents interested because I’m genuinely invested in what I do & am happy to help families along the way. I didn’t just pick my practice. I created it-my dream job-from the ground up as the 1st DPC pediatric practice in NJ. ⁣⁣⁣⁣

Who was/is your inspiration?
My mother was my inspiration for my speciality-pediatrics. She's a pediatrician as well. My husband was the impetus and driving force telling me to start my own practice! He's a dermatologist and Mohs surgeon who also owns and operates his own practice in NJ.

Fun Fact 1:
I absolutely love my morning coffee! Even when I get a chance to sleep in (hah! as a physician and mother, I'm not even suure what that is!), I still enjoy a morning cup of coffee because I love the taste!

Fun Fact 2:
I LOVE fitness! I've been a runner, a yogi, a kickboxer, lots of HIIT, and now a week of workouts for me involves a combo of all of the above-Lifting heavy, circuit training, cardio intervals, and mobility work.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?
I think pediatrics is an amazing speciality with lots of flexibility and diversity! Many people think that pediatrics must be pretty easy because kids are never really sick. False! I trained at a transplant center. I’ve seen some very sick children. Although I practice outpatient medicine now where yes, primarily most children do not have serious acute illnesses (that’s why they’re not inpatient!), I still know how to recognize a truly sick child. Any pediatrician will tell you that skill is PRICELESS. We also have a very family friendly field with lots of flexibility in hours and how you structure your practice.

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For more information, be sure to contact Dr. Husain here:
@dr.amnahusain or on her website Pure Direct Pediatrics