Amrit Hansra, MD
Amrit Hansra, MD

Amrit Hansra, MD

Name: Amrit Hansra, MD

Title: Interventional Radiologist

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Currently Wearing: The Bernard Slim Fit Lab Coat

Why did you choose your profession?:
As an Interventional Radiologist, we have the ability to not only diagnose ailments through imaging, but we also perform a wide variety of minimally invasive procedures using advanced imaging. This allows for patients to undergo life-changing interventions without the lengthy and morbid postoperative recovery period.

Current Passion Project:
I am currently preparing talks regarding DVT and PE, raising awareness for blood clots.

Who was/is your inspiration?
My sister, a Dermatologist, was always my inspiration and helped me succeed in medical school and residency.

Fun Fact 1:
I carried over my passion for advanced imaging into photography, and now enjoy outdoor landscape photography.

Fun Fact 2:
I'm serious when I need to be, but otherwise I'm all smiles. You can always find me cracking jokes with colleagues and patients, and I've even tried my hand at stand-up comedy.

Do you have any advice for others interested in entering your field?
Never give up. The road to medicine is a long and winding path, but always remember the reason you chose to go into medicine. 24 hour shifts, endless procedures/rounding, very little will all be worth it.

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