Amy Ho, MD

Amy Ho, MD is an emergency medicine physician living and working in Chicago. Her passion is in health policy and medical humanities, and she uses her influence and expertise to help translate the shrouded world of medicine into something patients and doctors can all share an understanding of to develop improvements for all. With multiple national publications in Forbes, KevinMD, NPR, TEDx, Chicago Tribune and TLC and Discovery Channel television shows, Dr. Ho has spoken frequently on the nuances of healthcare, as well as serving on various boards for national medical organizations including AMA, ACEP and AAEM.

In her own words:

"I like to think I embody what it means to be a young female physician. With all the changes in healthcare, medicine is rampant with apathy and frustration. From my perspective, I originally got into medicine because I wanted to change the system, and then was surprised to find I had fallen in love with patient care. Since becoming an emergency physician, I've found my niche and passion in re-expressing and re-framing medicine in a way anyone can relate to, and subsequently, creating a system in which everyone can move together for a common goal."

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