Antony Awad, MS

Antony Awad is a medical student of Egyptian descent who comes from a family of many physicians. Down the line, Antony hopes to pursue international medicine! In his free time, Antony is an avid indoor cyclist and spin instructor, which he completely loves.

In his own words,

"I love seeing a patient smile when I speak with them. Mental health wellness is a challenge that every healthcare worker faces in this field. I hope to one day be able to empower all of our future leaders and support clinician and medical student well-being. 

Professional style is important to me because I believe the way we are dressed can influence the way we work and how we are perceived. I love Mark Twains quote where he states that 'clothes make the man; naked people have little or no influence in the society.'

I believe that Medelita scrubs started a healthcare revolution, being the first scrub company to offer a well performing, more comfortable, and better fitting set of scrubs. I want to represent a very high end luxury professional scrub company as that is what my social media presence is all about."

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