Asia Sullivan, PA-S, MPH-C

Asia Sullivan is a second year PA student who hopes to work towards the field of surgery upon her graduation. With a true love of learning, Asia has her Bachelor's of Public Health and is currently working towards her Master's of Public Health while also enrolled in PA school! Outside of her studies, you can find Asia teaching yoga classes and writing about PA school and fashion on her blog.

Asia has proven herself to be a leader in her community. Last year she was honored to be chosen for the "Outstanding First Year PA Student Award" by her faculty, and she was also awarded the "Graduate Student Leadership" award by the University because of her involvement in extracurriculars and her community. She is also a Point Foundation scholarship finalist and was runner-up for Ms. UAB in 2014.

In her own words,

"A couple of my favorite sayings are "The first thing you say to someone is how you're dressed" and "Dress how you want to be addressed." To me, professional style is about portraying your confidence and competence regarding patient care on the outside. I believe that when you look your best, you perform your best and patients (& preceptors!) take notice of that. On days before big exams or standardized patients, I carefully plan outfits that I know will make me feel confident and inspired to succeed!

So far, my favorite thing about being in PA school is learning in a cohort environment. To befriend and rely on your classmates through such a rigorous academic program is a necessity! The biggest challenge during school has been learning time management and balancing studying with self-care!"

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