Cameron Ghassemi
Cameron Ghassemi

Cameron Ghassemi, OMS4

Cameron Ghassemi is a first year medical student of Persian and Greek decent. Outside of medicine, Cameron started an online personal training company called, Fitlifeadvice, where he works with his clients to develop healthy and fit lifestyles. He also sings, plays piano, ukulele, and does impersonations!

In his own words,

"This profession of becoming a physician is a way for me to work and treat a vast amount of patients from various background. This profession is not one that should reinforce the power dynamic between patient and physician. To me, I want to be a friend to my patient, making their experience more comfortable and their overall care even better. I find it important to treat patients with compassion, as it is the cornerstone of this profession. Without compassion and empathy, patient care will be negatively influenced and this is commonly overlooked by many physicians and medical staff."

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