Carlynn Chappell, DDS

Dr. Carlynn Chappell is a certified Doctor of Dental Surgery who is currently pursuing a specialty in Pediatric Dentistry. As a Pediatric Resident, Dr. Chappell is passionate about mastering the skills necessary to inspire families in the dental environment, where she aims to provide the best possible patient care, and treat every child with a gentle and caring heart.

In her own words,

"My favorite part of Pediatric Dentistry is taking care of children from infancy all the way into their teen years. The most challenging aspect of residency is the long work hours. Residents in medicine have to make sacrifices each and every day. However, there is no where I would rather be! I am so honored and grateful to be in a position to help my patients, develop strong doctor-patient connections, and help keep children of all ages healthy and cavity free.

Professional style is so important to be, because I believe the white coats and scrubs we put on each day as Health Care Professionals directly affect our self-confidence, spirit, and outlook. Medelita's incredibly comfortable material, chic non-wrinkle appearance, and beautiful embroidery make my work life so much more positive!"

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