Charlotte Roy, B.Sc.(Hons), Medical Student

Charlotte Roy is a second year medical student studying in Ontario. Before beginning her journey into medical school, Charlotte received her undergraduate degree at Queen's university where she focused on anatomy and community involvement. Although medicine is her passion, Charlotte also embraces the many other roles that are important in her life, such as being a friend, a sister, a dog-mom, a volunteer Girl Guide leader, a Doctors Without Borders ambassador and so much more. In her free time, Charlotte also enjoys photography, travel, finding new outfits for clinic, and writing.

In her own words,

"When I entered medical school, I made it a personal mission to never lose sight of who I was - and that includes my taste and style. I try to find ways to incorporate interesting pieces and things that are really "me" into my profession style, all while finding a way to stay polished and professional.

My favourite thing right now in medicine is the opportunities that lie ahead of me. I enjoy interacting with patients in clinical, and I can't wait until that is my day to day job. More specifically, I've enjoyed delivering babies and studying maternal fetal medicine - MFM mothers are some of the highest risk obstetrics patients, so their babies are miracles for them, and joyous occasions. For me, I look forward to the years of studying ahead of me and discovering where I can take my career. My biggest challenge in medicine has been finding a balance between medicine and who I am - from being told I didn't 'look like a doctor', to struggling with work life balance, its really become important for me to focus on my identity within my scope of practise."

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