Chloe Pappas, PA-S

Chloe Pappas is a Physician Assistant Student specializing in Emergency Medicine here in California.  Being able to interact with patients of all ages and diverse background is what drew her to EM, and also what allows her to continuously learn from various specialists and other providers.  The fast-paced, high level of critical thinking environment always keeps her on her toes presenting the opportunity to see a wide range of pathology and illness so she can differentiate the ones that are most life-threatening.  In her rare spare time, she enjoys relaxing on the beach, jigsaw puzzles, and mentoring Pre-PA's since being her own class's Historian and Club President with numerous scholarships awarded.

"Sorting through the differentials is like piecing together a puzzle with the information gathered from the history, physical exam, labs and imaging and getting to the bottom of the patient’s chief complaint is an extremely rewarding feeling."

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