Choices In Embroidered Lab Coats

Embroidered lab coats possess the potential to dramatically enhance the professionalism, aptitude, and prestige of the clinician wearing them. Whether embroidered lab coats actually fulfill that potential depends largely on the design of the lab coat and the quality of the embroidery. Regrettably, most embroidered lab coats are made of plain, inexpensive cloth that seems prone to absorbing dirt and stains, rather than repelling them. The effect this has on a white coat is a dinginess that’s quickly noticeable. Their design is often intentionally simplified to minimize production costs. For example, the amount of fabric used and the number of seams to be sewn is frequently reduced to the maximum extent possible. This in turn limits the ability to shape the garment to enhance the clinician’s appearance or provide the kind of design details that would make the coat fashionable. The quality of materials used for buttons and even the thread for buttons, hems, seams and embroidery is also often sacrificed to achieve lower costs. Consequently, the buttons, pockets, hems and seams may not hold for very long and the embroidery may not be as sharp as it could be. In fact, if the wrong type of thread is used for embroidery, the color(s) will fade over time. Obviously, there are very practical reasons why most embroidered lab coats are only guaranteed for 30 or 60 days. If all that weren’t regrettable enough, most embroidered lab coats are still unisex in design, meaning that the same exact coat is supposed to fit a man and a woman even though their anatomy is completely different. In addition, most lab coats are typically sized using a scale of XS – XXXL, as opposed to traditional apparel sizing scales of 00-16 for women or 32-52 for men, for example, which reduces the probability of obtaining the proper fit. The benefit of this approach is a production cost so low that even when a retail distributor sets his/her price using the traditional 100% keystone mark-up, the manufacturer and the retailer still make a decent profit selling it for an extremely low retail price. Most medical apparel manufacturers and retailers are convinced that the lower the price, the higher the sales, which is why the majority of retailers compete primarily on price, as their advertising clearly illustrates. In stark contrast to what’s been described above, Medelita is a medical apparel company that approaches design with a philosophy diametrically opposed to the low cost dictates of the industry. Medelita embroidered lab coats are designed for fashion, fit, functionality, and durability. These are just a sampling of their attributes:
  1. they feature a special proprietary performance fabric made of 100% high quality cotton that’s soft and comfortable yet unbelievably durable
  2. the fabric is pristine white with a subtle texture that helps catch the light to achieve a brighter white
  3. the fabric is treated with Advanced Dual Action Teflon® to make it fluid and stain repellant (blood can easily be wiped away leaving no residue)
  4. the fabric is also treated with High-IQ Easy Care Plus® for wrinkle resistance
  5. buttons, costing 26 times the typical lab coat button, are beautiful, durable, and highly secured
  6. gender specific designs and traditional sizing ensure proper fit
  7. lab coats for each sex are available in a variety of styles and lengths, with a variety of exquisite lapels and designer back detailing
  8. all lab coats have multiple highly secured pockets, both inside and out, with some pockets iPad compatible
  9. Medelita has an in-house embroidery department equipped with the finest embroidery equipment and threads available, state of the art digital technology, and experienced embroidery artists who spare no expense in time or materials as they strive to achieve perfection with each name, title, and logo
  10. Medelita lab coats come with a One Year Guarantee – no other medical apparel company we know of has that level of confidence in their embroidered lab coats
If a clinician is seeking an embroidered lab coat that will enhance his/her presence, there is nothing available that’s comparable to Medelita. A review of just a small sampling of the unsolicited testimonials available on their website,, will confirm that reality from the most objective and relevant source available, your colleagues.