Clara Moon, Student Nurse

Clara Moon is a nursing student from Georgia who is currently completing the last semester of her BSN program before she graduates in May. As a huge advocate of women's health, Clara plans to pursue her MSN in Women's Health Nurse Practitioner in the fall, while also balancing work as a Labor & Delivery Nurse. When she isn't working or studying, Clara loves cultivating healthy recipes for her blog and Instagram, which revolves around clean eating with wholesome, real ingredients.

In her own words,

"As a current postpartum nurse extern, I love being able to serve and empower a mom and her family throughout this special time in her life. Conversations regarding women's health are conversations we need to be having. No topic is too taboo or inappropriate, if we want our future generations to be well versed in our reproductive health.

Professional style to me is being able to incorporate my values and lifestyle into my care for others so that I can empower and encourage others. It's important for me to be a role model and represent other Asian Americans, first-generation college students, first-generation immigrants, and women."

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