Cuffed sleeve lab coats

Cuffed sleeve lab coats take the original purpose of a lab coat, protecting the individual who wears it, to another much safer level. Perhaps the best illustration is found within the dental profession. Obviously, dentists, oral surgeons, hygienists, etc, are frequently exposed to body fluids near their hands. Cuffed sleeve lab coats, when used in conjunction with latex gloves, of course, protect dental professionals from exposure to those fluids on their hands, wrists and arms. Chemistry, research and laboratory analysis are just a few of the professions where cuffed sleeve lab coats are, or should be, required. In the last few years a new premium category of lab coats has emerged offering demonstrably improved fashion, fit, comfort and function. The company credited with creating that category is Medelita Their designs of gender specific collections of lab coats have established a new standard in the medical apparel industry by applying extraordinary attention to detail to a thoroughly researched and tested understanding of what their customers need and want. Perhaps the best illustration of the benefit of their approach to lab coat design can be seen in their cuffed sleeve lab coats. In their men’s collection, Medelita Mens, they offer the Fauchard Cuffed Sleeve Lab Coat. Adhering to OSHA policy, this particularly handsome lab coat has rib cuffed sleeves and an optional closure to the neck. It is the first high fashion, ergonomic, performance rich, OSHA compliant lab coat available to dentists, oral surgeons, chemists, researchers, etc. Like all Medelita lab coats, it’s fashioned from the company’s very special, proprietary, pristine white, subtly textured, performance fabric. That fabric is made of ultra-soft, breathable, 100% cotton that resists soiling, stains and fluids. Even blood can be wiped right off leaving no residue. The Medelita women’s collection, Medelita, includes two cuffed sleeve lab coats. The Elsie G. and the Lucy H.T. are considered by many to be the most flattering, feminine, cuffed sleeve lab coats ever designed to meet OSHA requirements. All three coats provide the safety of a cuffed sleeve lab coat while achieving the refined sophistication of a truly professional lab coat. If it’s cuffed sleeve lab coats you’re seeking, the standard by which all others should be measured are those from Medelita. At least that’s the opinion of those who have purchased Medelita cuffed sleeve lab coats. Their ratings and reviews are available on the Medelita website Their comments would clearly be a particularly insightful place to begin any assessment of the best cuffed sleeve lab coats available on the market today.