Custom Labwear

Custom labwear can most easily be achieved by selecting premium quality lab coats from a company not only known for the quality of their lab coats but also the quality of their embroidery. Medical apparel companies like Medelita , for example, produce distinct lab coat designs that are immediately recognizable as being different and superior to the vast majority of lab coats. (A few minutes spent on their website reading the reviews of their lab coats written by your peers will quickly attest to that fact.) The addition of your group’s full color, three-dimensional logo, set against the pristine white of a Medelita lab coat, along with the name and title embroidered on the other side, will provide you with custom labwear that cannot be equaled for fashion, fit, function, or fabrics. When it comes to custom labwear, having an attractive lab coat that enhances your appearance, with the emblem of your group, the person’s name, and the person’s title embroidered on it, is about as custom as one could possibly get. Medelita has a number of gender specific lab coats to choose from that are ergonomically designed to facilitate freedom of movement for whatever procedure needs to be done while providing suitable protection for the wearer. What’s so remarkable is that it’s accomplished with a lab coat that actually enhances your appearance. The in-house embroidery department at Medelita has the finest embroidery equipment and threads available. It is staffed with artists who take enormous pride in transferring flat logos into three-dimensional symbols that catch the light in just the right way. Most important, they are given the time and freedom that’s required to maximize the potential of each embroidered logo, name and title. Medelita has established new benchmarks, for design, innovation, textile development, quality, product guarantees and embroidery in the medical apparel industry. If custom labwear is what you’re seeking, one company you may want to consider partnering with is Medelita.