Customers Give Medelita Lab Coats and Scrubs Rave Reviews

SAN CLEMENTE, Calif., August 24, 2009 -- Medelita®, maker of  breakthrough scrubs and lab coats for female clinicians, was founded on the premise  that quality medical apparel should be both beautiful in appearance and high in  performance. At a time when unisex medical uniforms dominated the market, a  woman’s only choice was to shop on price; today, that paradigm has changed and  the value of a garment is defined by a high level of product and customer satisfaction,  as reflected in accolades from loyal Medelita  customers. “I received my new lab coat today and it is beautiful...finally, a lab coat that doesn't look like I'm wearing a big white bag and feel  like sandpaper,” said Mary Beth H., PA-C, of Loma Linda, Calif. “The  workmanship is so nice. It looks like it was custom made and fitted for me. The  detailing gives it such a clean, superior look. Thank you for making a great  product! Considered to be  utilitarian by some, the frumpy, unisex scrubs and lab coats provided by  hospitals for female employees fail to deliver the confidence and composure  that professional attire should convey. Medelita  strives to meet the needs of women in healthcare. “I saw the write up about your coats in the  e-mail from AMWA,” according to Desiree C, physician from Dover, Mass.  “I never thought about getting my own coats before (for over 30 years).  I've always worn the thin, horrible ones the  hospital provides.  I'm looking forward  to receiving yours.” “I must commend Medelita for its outstanding commitment to serving  health professionals, for having beautiful attire is an important component of  delivering effective medical care,” said Linda S., a satisfied customer from  Westbury, NY.  I look forward to ordering more items from the company!” Many companies touting  designer lab coats overlook performance and functionality for the sake of  appearance, but Medelita addresses  both with high performance fabrics and feminine tailoring. “I purchased a lab coat from [Medelita]  at the CAPA conference this year. Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE IT! I  get compliments all the time on how tailored and professional it looks, said  Tiffany H., PA-C from Sacramento,   Calif. “I've gotten blood on it  more than once and it beautifully rolls right off. And I love that I can wash  it, throw it in the dryer and it comes out looking like the day I bought it,  stainless (and no ring around the collar which has been a problem with previous  white coats over time), and without wrinkles. Thanks for making such a great  product!” For the first time ever, women in clinical settings  are rewarded with fit, functionality and form in a product that is a staple in  their wardrobe but that wears like a custom-made outfit. “You can be assured I will be passing this along to friends, colleagues and  family (mom and sis are also doctors!),” said Silddly A. MD from Doral, Fla. “This is exactly  what we have all been waiting for! As you said, the lab coat is our 'suit', and  it should look the best. The feminine but classic look is perfect.” “I am SO happy with the scrubs.  I  wore them for the first part of the photo shoot, and I think they looked  marvelous,” stated Margaret A., PA-C from Palo    Alto, Calif., who won  an award in her field. “The material is wonderful, and I never thought scrubs  could be so flattering. I love the shape.   I am so glad I bought the items. I'd been thinking about it, and then  that award was the impetus for a treat.   And a treat they are!  Thank you  so much for your excellent customer service.” In addition to women working in healthcare, Medelita lab coats are worn and appreciated by those  in academia and other laboratory settings, who need a garment that commands  respect as effectively as it repels fluids. “Let me just tell you how pleased I am with the coat.  It is even nicer and better than I could have  expected.  The quality, durability,  everything about it down to the embroidery is excellent,” remarked Ashley T.,  PhD in Toxicology from Raleigh,   NC. “Frankly I just cannot put  into words my happiness when I see how liquid and other materials that normally  soak right through my old lab coats just seem to bounce off of your lab coats, it  is so wonderful that I just cannot bring myself to put the old ones back on  while my new one is being laundered!” “I do love my Medelita scrubs,” said  Ellen S., MPAS, PA-C from Houston,   TX. “A patient spilt his pancake  syrup on me the other day and I just went to the sink and it washed right off.  It dried just as quick. Awesome!” Women are seeking out Medelita’s  practical and stylish solution to perfunctory unisex medical uniforms and are  delighted to receive them as gifts, as described in this customer’s experience  purchasing embroidered lab coats. “My fiancé absolutely loved the lab coat gift...she  has a keen eye for style, and really appreciated the feminine lines and subtle  details,” wrote Dariusz G., a customer from Puerto Rico.  “I think she will eventually buy a couple more in the near future and will likely  spread the word to fellow physicians. Actually, everyone that saw the coat was  very impressed with the style and quality of craftsmanship. Thank you for going  out of your way to make it possible to get the gift on time for her med school  graduation. It made for a very special gift that will be well used in the near  future. I really appreciate your help.” Made from 100 percent high-denier  cotton, the Medelita lab coat is designed specifically for women with a focus on fit and function. The  fluid resistant lab coats are treated with Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric  protector, which allows fabric to repel and release stains. Tailored for a  feminine shape, the coats feature traditional side slits, French finish inside  seams and hidden inside pockets that are great for carrying handheld devices  and mobile phones. In addition to high quality lab coats, Medelita provides a line of performance women’s  healthcare apparel, including clinician scrubs and nursing scrubs, which are available in sizes 0 to 16, in  petite, regular and tall sizing.  Medelita products are sold direct online, at medical  conferences and select retailers. For more information, please visit About medelita   medelita has one purpose: to reinvent the way  women of all healthcare professions present themselves at work by offering the  highest quality, best fitting, and most comfortable medical apparel available,  including lab coats, women’s lab coats, women’s scrubs and medical scrubs. medelita caters  to professional women who want their uniforms to embody the poise and  confidence already displayed from within. For more information, visit our  website at or call (877)  987-7979. Contact   Lara Manchik   Medelita LLC   (877) 987-7979