Diane Tackie, MPA, PA-C

Diane Tackie MPA PA-C is a Washington DC based Physician Assistant who specializes in Neurosurgery and Psychiatry and is celebrating 8 years of practice this year. In her free time Diane enjoys fencing, professional print modeling, and all things travel.

In her own words:

"There is one thing I favor most about my career, my patients! I look forward to treating them and ensuring they know that their care is my priority. I value having a most excellent rapport with my patients and enjoy the continuity of care involved. They look to me to be their Clinician and a source of up to date evidence based medicine, and I look to them to feel comfortable enough to communicate effectively while in my care; a privilege I thank God every day to have. 

To me, a professional style pertains to identifying my strengths within my specialty and executing based upon that. For instance, I am a morning person and thrive with efficiency during these hours. Hence my clinic may begin as early as 7am. I also prefer to create multiple templates for specific pathologies, whereas some Providers prefer a free text method of documenting. Recognizing and understanding the attributes that work best for me tailors my practice and exemplifies my professional style. It is perfectly fine to tailor your clinic based on your very own professional style yielding both confidence and reassurance that your patient’s concerns will be well addressed."

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