Innovative Telemedicine Company Announces New CEO, Reduces Health Accessibility Gap

On May 5th, innovative new telemedicine provider Doctor on Demand announced Hill Ferguson, a former senior executive at PayPal, to be their new CEO.

“I’m honored to join Doctor On Demand. What this team has built in a relatively short amount of time is tremendous. I am also impressed by the dedication of this team to the vision of expanding access to high-quality health care,” said Ferguson. “Doctor On Demand has the potential not just to be the next generation of telemedicine, but the next generation of medicine.”

From founding a company to serving as the senior executive in a high-growth public company, Hill has tons of experience leading companies at every stage of growth. His hiring comes on the heels of a phase of massive company growth, with the company signing its 400th major corporate customer earlier this year.

“There are few people more qualified to take Doctor On Demand into its next phase of growth than Hill Ferguson,” said Doctor On Demand’s current CEO Adam Jackson. “We’re committed to providing the best quality telemedicine experience for our customers, and Hill’s outstanding track record of building companies with a customer focus is a perfect match for our team. I leave knowing that the company is in very able hands.”

The projected shortage of health care providers makes telemedicine the preferred choice of patient-doctor interactive visits. Eliminating time and travel constraints, three week wait times for appointments, and cumbersome lobby experiences are the foundational goals pursued by all providers. So what sets Doctor On Demand apart from other telemedicine alternatives? It is their innovative approach to incorporate the benefits of telemedicine, from video doctor visits, quick appointment setting, and one-on-ones with board certified physicians in primary care for patients with less-than debilitating diseases.

Current telemedicine providers such as the Arizona Telemedicine Program and Southwest TRC Telehealth Resource Center specialize in oncology, cardiology, and oncology to name a few, but what about travel sickness, sore throat, and cold and flu? Until now, telemedicine had no answer for common treatable primary care ailments suffered by many patients around the country. Doctor On Demand has closed that loop, making every aspect of telemedicine available and affordable for the common health problems.

Doctor On Demand accepts board certified physicians only, giving physicians the opportunity to act now against the shortage of physicians. For example, a physician in Maine may be available for a 3pm consultation for a patient suffering from a sports injury in California. Unrestricted by location, Doctor On Demand is accessible via smartphone app, so patients are ready to see a doctor as soon as they download the app, making video visits possible via the patient’s mobile device.

This revolutionary approach is sure to set the benchmark for telehealthcare, simplifying the obstacle-riddled process of seeing a doctor for minor issues quick and painless.

Find out more about the evolution of primary care telehealth by visiting the Doctor On Demand website.