Construction Company Employees Volunteer With Patients At Lucile Packard Children's Hospital

As a technical building company, one would not expect DPR Construction’s work to have much involvement in the medical field, much less have a personal impact on hospital patients. But that’s exactly what DPR employees are doing at the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford in Palo Alto, Calif.

DPR Construction is currently working on the hospital’s expansion project, set for completion by 2017, which will double the facility’s size and make it the “nation’s most technologically advanced, family-friendly and environmentally sustainable hospital for infants, children and expectant mothers.”

In the midst of the construction, DPR employees have dedicated their off time to volunteering with the hospital’s young patients. Their involvement ranges from participating in the Halloween trick-or-treat trail, visiting the hospital’s school, interacting one-on-one with patients, and organizing fun activities like a jungle expedition-themed prom for patients.

Their volunteer efforts and interactions benefit not only the hospital patients and staff, but the DPR employees themselves, by providing a personal insight into the impact the end results their construction work will have on the hospital.

DPR’s Maggie Grubb explains, “We fill a unique void of being able to interact with the children on a different level by talking to them about how the new main building of the hospital will affect them. When we see how impactful the new facility is going to be on their lives, it encourages us to have perspective and realize why we are putting in so much hard work on-site to make this happen.”

Volunteering work at the hospital is all part of DPR’s greater initiative to be “integral and indispensable” to its communities by using DPR employees’ personal skills and passions to meet the needs of the communities where they work.

By integrating themselves into the Lucille Packard community, DPR employees are able to do so much more that merely provide a construction service. They make a greater, deeper impact by providing a service that truly helps the organization flourish and move its mission forward.