Dr Jean-Paul Brutus

Dr. Jean-Paul Brutus is a hand and wrist surgeon in Montreal, Canada. He is also the cofounder and co-owner of Exception MD, a private medical clinic dedicated to the treatment of the upper and lower limb. He specializes in minimally invasive techniques and has pioneered the practice of endoscopic hand surgery in Canada. In addition to his medical career, Dr. Brutus is an active philanthropist. 

In his own words,

"My biggest accomplishment/challenge was the creation of ExceptionMD, a private state of the art center dedicated to surgical care for the upper and lower extremities. The center provides ultra-personalized care centered on the unique needs of every patient. Only the least invasive techniques surgical and non surgical techniques are used to make certain our patients can return to their active lifestyles in days and weeks rather than weeks and months. Over 95 percent of our patients recommend our center to their friends and family members. This particularly unique since private insurance carries and provincial health service do not cover are services. Our patients are self-pay in a country where healthcare is usually free to anyone through the public system. We are very proud to be raising the standard of care in orthopedics in the country.

The way a physician dresses needs to convey an image of confidence and professionalism while remaining extremely comfortable and adaptable to the requirements of our job as surgeons. I wear Medelita scrubs every day, when operating or meeting with patients. I do not wear a lab coat to avoid the "white lab coat syndrome". Everything in the environment of our clinic is aimed at decreasing anxiety. The environment is beautiful, relaxing and soothing, much like a spa. I Feel Medelita Scrubs support this mission. And guess what are patients are wearing when in the operating room for hand surgery, my specialty....? You guessed it: Scrubs rather than gowns! Patients love them."

Visit Dr Brutus's website at DrBrutus.com.