How To Embroider Your Logo On Lab Coats

Learning how to embroider your logo on a lab coat you’re purchasing from Medelita suggests that you’ve already made a number of good decisions. Your Medelita lab coat will be the most sophisticated, prestigious, comfortable, best fitting and most functional lab coat you’ve ever worn. The name and title embroidery you’ve undoubtedly already ordered will elegantly personalize your coat. Now, mindful that the finest remaining enhancement that can be added is the artwork of a logo, you’re familiarizing yourself with the relatively simple process of how to embroider your logo on a lab coat. Logo’s, in addition to adding so much interest, represent an opportunity for you to demonstrate your affiliation with a professional organization, hospital, or medical practice – an association with which you are understandably proud. That splash of color on a sea of white is the first thing everyone notices when you wear a lab coat. Adding the prestige of that organization to your tailored, impeccably hand-sewn lab coat is a finishing touch like no other. This little primer we’ve prepared on how to embroider your logo on a lab coat is intended to simplify and facilitate the process. We’re proud to have developed the most user-friendly web-based embroidery ordering software in the uniform industry. Our unique and intuitive software will even help you coordinate the color of your name and title embroidery with the color(s) in your selected logo. But just to make sure your experience is as effortless as possible, our expert Embroidery Liaisons are standing by eager to assist you through each step of the process. You can reach them at 877.987.7979. The placement of the logo is on the non-pocket side of your lab coat. So the first decision to be made in deciding how to embroider a logo on your lab coat is whether you will be using one of the exquisite professional organization logos that the embroidery department already has in an online library, or a new customized logo. Existing Logos Medelita is honored to have affiliations with numerous professional organizations within the medical, dental, and veterinary professions. The standard application fee for logos in our existing library is $12 per logo. On our website, under the heading Embroidery Options, select Professional Organization Logo. Review the professional organization logos displayed on the website and then click on the specific logo you wish to add. If you don’t see the logo you wish to select pictured on the website, or aren’t sure whether we already have the logo you want to add on file, please call 877.987.7979 and ask for one of the Embroidery Liaisons. In addition, you may email with your request specific logo request. New Custom Logos If the logo you wish to use is not already on file, these are the steps required to create the digital file your new custom logo.
  1. Under the heading Embroidery Options, select Custom Logo. There is a one-time $75 fee for digitizing your custom artwork and converting it into detailed, highly intricate stitched art, including color(s), number of stitches, shading, etc.
  2. Upload your artwork, preferably in one of the following formats, .JPG, .DST, or PDF files. For your convenience, there is an “upload your logo” button in the right hand column when making your selections for purchase. You only need to upload your logo one time. It will be attached to your entire order.
  3. Once your artwork is received, you will be contacted by a Medelita Embroidery Liaison who will assist you in the customization of your logo.
  4. Your design will be digitized by our expert embroidery team. You will then receive a detailed workorder and picture (via email) for your approval. Your 1st copy will arrive within 5 business days of your uploaded image.
  5. One sew out and one revision is included within the $75 original charge. Additional revisions may be purchased in bundles of 2 for $75 each. We are committed to working with you until you are 100% satisfied with your custom logo embroidery.
  6. Custom logos will not be applied to your lab coat until we receive your signed approval of an actual sewn sample, in the actual size and colors. Once approved by you, your garments are scheduled for embroidery and shipped within 10 business days. The standard application fee of $12 per custom logo, per coat applies.
Now that you’ve reviewed the steps on how to embroider your logo on a lab coat, we trust you’ll want to capture this opportunity to maximize the full potential of your very special new Medelita lab coat. There is no finer lab coat that you can wear and there is no better way to distinguish how special it is than to add our cutting edge embroidery, which has established a new standard of excellence and artistry within the uniform industry. If you still have questions about how to embroider your logo on a lab coat, we encourage you to avail yourself of the very knowledgeable and helpful Embroidery Liaisons at Medelita who welcome an opportunity to assist you. As you can see from the testimonials and reviews written by your colleagues, our personal White Glove Service is just as exceptional as our lab coats.