Fashion Lab Coats

Interest in high is accelerating at such a significant rate it now constitutes a separate category within the medical apparel marketplace. Two principal factors are motivating this interest. The first is a growing awareness within the medical community that high fashion lab coats are now available. The second is the recognition that high fashion lab coats demonstrably enhance both the appearance and presence of the physicians wearing them. The fact that the best of these new high fashion lab coats also offer superior fit, comfort, functionality, and fabrics has made physician’s interest in them inevitable. Over the last 50+ years, the lab coat had largely become commoditized, with little meaningful differentiation between brands. In 2008, a Physician Assistant in California, frustrated with the lab coats and scrubs she was required to wear in the emergency room, decided improvements were long overdue. In response, she launched Medelita at Today, Medelita is credited with the creation of this new category of high fashion lab coats. A closer look at Medelita reveals the reality that the growing success of this category, high fashion lab coats, is attributable to much more than a focus on fashion. The designers at Medelita placed equal importance on the comfort of the physicians wearing them and the functionality of every aspect of the coat. As a result, these high fashion lab coats are made of:
  • breathable, 100% high denier cotton
  • proprietary fabrics Medelita created specifically for their lab coats
  • crisp white fabrics that have a subtle texture which adds character while enhancing the coat’s brightness
  • certified performance fabric incorporating the most technologically advanced fabric treatments available
  • certified performance fabrics that improve softness, increase durability, and resist wrinkling, soiling, staining. and fluids
  • certified performance fabrics so fluid and stain resistant, even blood rolls right off leaving no residue
In addition to the uniquely practical and purposeful properties of this remarkable fabric, specific fashion, fit, function and comfort considerations were established as priorities. Consequently, the designers were determined to see that:
  • each coat was ergonomically designed to maximize range of motion
  • separate, gender specific collections of high fashion lab coats were created for male physicians (Medelita Mens) and female physicians (Medelita)
  • various models within each collection were designed to enhance the silhouette for physicians of different heights
  • sizing for men and for women was the same as traditional apparel to ensure proper fit
  • each high fashion lab coat was hand sewn, making them instantly identifiable for their refinement and sophistication
  • the pockets, lapels, and back designs were so refined and distinguished they reflected an attention to detail every patient seeks in their physician
  • some models featured iPad pockets, to conveniently and comfortably hold the iconic tablet an ever increasing number of physicians had begun using in their practices
Perhaps the greatest irony of these high fashion lab coats is the value they represent despite the obvious cost of all these features. In comparison to the short “life expectancy” of the typical lab coat, premium lab coats from companies like Medelita can be enjoyed and proudly worn for far longer periods and will look great the entire time. Medelita actually offers a Professional Courtesy Guarantee that’s good for one year from the date of purchase. No other medical apparel manufacturer we know of offers anything comparable. For those physicians interested in high fashion lab coats, the logical place to start would be the company that created the category, Medelita. When you do, take a moment to read the ratings and reviews posted on the Medelita website by other physicians who’ve purchased high fashion lab coats. You’ll see that the benefits promised, in the opinion of your peers, are the benefits delivered.