Four Things To Know About Florida's Fake Doctor

This Florida teen took playing doctor a little too far. Malachi Love-Robinson, an eighteen-year-old Florida man who was caught posing as a doctor last month. Not only did Love-Robsinson convince patients into letting him treat them; he opened up his own clinic. Love-Robinson even started his own website, luring in at least three patients.

Authorities eventually caught up to him during a routine sting operation. Officials say he offered arresting officers a routine physical exam. Before he could finish he was arrested and charged with practicing medicine without a license. According to Palm Beach County he has been caught pulling the same scam. He made bail with a cease-and-desist order to boot.

Here are four more things to know about this fake doctor:

1. Last January, the teenager was caught posing as an OBGYN at St. Mary's Medical Center in Florida. Staff eventually became suspicious when they did not recognize the young man walking around in a white coat and stethoscope, but since he did not come into contact with any patients he was not charged. 

2. The website that Love-Robinson set up to advertise his fake business listed two other staff members. His profile on even had two 5-star reviews!

3. The medical building where Love-Robinson set up his fake office had him listed in the directory, including his falsified PhD certifications.

4. Love-Robinson also recently made a Facebook post claiming that he has cancer: 

"For 3 months now I have been battling stage 2 Kidney Cancer. It has been a rough journey and hopefully a light is soon to show. Along with that identity theft has began to surface and now I’m fighting that. Patients of NBNL and Friends and Family, Take care of your self and your family including your finances and your Health and Life. This illness has given me a huge wake up call. Although I trust my colleagues fullest and I am in great faith that I’ll be ok always remember that Life can be very short so make the best out of it."

It is unclear whether or not the teen is actually ill.