Fluid resistant lab coats

Fluid resistant lab coats are certainly the most practical of all lab coats on the market today. After all, a white lab coat that isn’t spotlessly clean sends the wrong message. Ironically, the professionals who wear white lab coats to work each day are the very individuals most susceptible to exposure from fluids of all kinds, even bodily fluids. So it’s only logical that those considering the purchase of a new lab coat would focus their attention first on fluid resistant lab coats. Fluid resistant lab coats can be found among the new premium class of medical apparel. The company credited with creating that category is Medelita www.medelita.com. Medelita was founded by a clinician who had spent over 10 years working in major trauma centers in New York and California and as a result had a unique appreciation for precisely what improvements were needed in lab coats and scrubs. While their gender specific collections of lab coats offer numerous advancements in fashion, fit, and function, one common element in all the lab coats they design is fluid resistance. Known for their extraordinary attention to detail, it should come as no surprise that the performance technology they selected to ensure their fluid resistant lab coats were superior to all others was Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector from DuPont. Medelita had developed a very special, proprietary fabric for its lab coats that’s pristine white and soft to the touch. It even has a subtle texture that adds character while enhancing its brightness. But without fluid resistance, no lab coat can maintain its crisp white appearance for very long. DuPont’s nanotechnology creates an invisible molecular barrier allowing liquid spills, even blood, to bead up and roll off. Surface residue is easily wiped or blotted away. Ground-in or oil based stains release easily with laundering. This unique combination of proprietary fabric and Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector enables a Medelita lab coat to maintain its crisp, white, professional finish like no other. Everyone has seen lab coats that are no longer the bright white they were when they were new. There’s a very simple explanation for that. Most lab coats on the market today do not have any fabric protection, much less one as effective as DuPont’s. The Medelita website has numerous testimonials from physicians, dentists, and other healthcare professionals, reviewing the performance of its fluid resistance lab coats. Anyone searching for a new lab coat would be well served spending a few minutes on their website www.medelita.com reading and viewing ratings, reviews and testimonials attesting to the effectiveness of their fluid resistant lab coats