Fran Ross, MS2

Fran Ross is a second year medical student studying in Grenada as she works toward her goal of becoming an OBGYN. Although she grew up in Long Island, her family immigrated to the US from Soviet Russia during the Cold War and both the culture and the language continue to be a huge part of her life. Fran is also married to an MS3 studying in Miami Miller School of Medicine.

In her own words,

"My favorite thing about being a student in 2018 is the new guidelines on medical care. It has been amazing seeing a movement towards teamwork in this profession. My biggest challenge so far is cultural humility. Growing up on Long Island where 90% of the population is white and Jewish, didn't give me a lot of exposure to new cultures. The more I practice in a clinical setting, the more I learn what it really means to respect another culture and use it to better treat my patients. 

I believe that as medical professionals we need to look clean and put together. I love that Medelita has combined those two concepts with modern designs. Studies have shown that a physician's attitude and presentation can make a drastic difference on patient outcomes. When you dress well and in comfortable clothing, you emit positive energy!"

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