Full Coverage Lab Coats

Full coverage lab coats remind us that the original purpose behind the creation of the lab coat was to protect the person wearing it. Those who work with potentially harmful chemicals, such as research chemists, and those exposed to bodily fluids, such as dentists, are continuously at some level of risk. Full coverage lab coats, which can be closed at the neck and have cuffs which when worn in conjunction with gloves that seal the hands, wrists and arms, provide a barrier of protection from the neck to the knees. OSHA, the federal government’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, has established certain requirements for protective clothing in certain occupations and professions. One of those professions is dentistry. OSHA specifications were taken into account when Medelita (www.medelita.com), a medical apparel company known for its innovation and exacting standards, designed its full coverage lab coats for the dental profession. Medelita not only complied with the requirements for the collar and the cuffs, it utilized its proprietary, high denier, soft, breathable, 100% cotton, certified performance fabric with its extraordinary ability to repel soils, stains and fluids. Even blood rolls right off this fabric leaving no residue, yet it’s soft to the touch. The treatment of their performance fabric with Advanced Dual Action Teflon® fabric protector makes Medelita full coverage lab coats the most functional and comfortable on the market. They’re also the most distinguished and refined looking full coverage lab coats available anywhere. Medelita full coverage lab coats can be found in the offices of dentists and oral surgeons as well as research and commercial laboratories worldwide. The combination of comfort, functionality, and sophisticated styling so evident in these full coverage lab coats has effectively created a new paradigm for what had been thought of as merely a utilitarian garment. As for their durability, the Medelita Professional Courtesy Guarantee, which warrants every one of their lab coats for One Full Year from the date of purchase is, to our knowledge, unmatched by any other medical apparel supplier in the industry. If your organization is seeking a full coverage lab coat, the models for women in the Medelita lab coat collection and the model for men in the Medelita Mens lab coat collection have established a benchmark against which all other full coverage lab coats should be measured.