Full Length Lab Coats

Full length lab coats extend to the knee. Depending on your height, a full length lab coat will typically be between 40” and 44” inches for men and 34” to 38” inches for women. Full length lab coats are the preference for those clinicians seeking a more traditional and formal appearance as well as those who spend much of their time upright, standing or walking. The original purpose of the lab coat, to provide a barrier of protection between the physician and patient, is obviously enhanced with full length lab coats. Medelita https://www.medelita.com/ , the medical apparel manufacturer credited with creating a new premium class of lab coats and scrubs, offers several gender specific full length lab coats. All of them incorporate the signature features that define this premium class of medical apparel. Those features include a very special proprietary fabric made of high denier, pre-shrunk, 100% cotton which, unlike polyester blends, allows the fabric to breathe. The fabric has a very subtle texture that adds to its character and further enhances the brightness of the already pristine white coat. These lab coats are well known for being comfortable, soft, wrinkle and fluid resistant. In fact they are so fluid resistant that even blood rolls right off of them. Advanced Dual Action Teflon® adds additional soil and stain protection. They feature five deep, well constructed, functional pockets including a hidden inside pocket. Most important, the combination of the sophisticated, refined designs in both the men’s and the women’s collections, the blazer-like fit to the coat, and the impeccable hand-sewn finishing inside and out, immediately sets them apart from all other lab coats. The full length lab coats in the Medelita Men’s Collection include:
  • the classic 44” Osler Lab Coat
  • the handsome 40” Laennec iPad Lab Coat
Both feature the blazer-like fit in lab coats Medelita has pioneered. For male dentists and dental surgeons, Medelita designed a special model to comply with OSHA requirements
  • the striking 40” Fauchard Dental Lab Coat, the first ergonomic, performance-rich lab coat specifically designed for the dental profession
In addition to all the features mentioned previously, the full length lab coats for women in the Medelita Collection are well known for their shaping that enhances a woman’s silhouette and their feminine lapels. Medelita offerings for women include:
  • the 38” Callia Lab Coat that changed everything for women in medicine with its tailored silhouette, rounded lapels and French finished inside seams.
  • the 38” Estie iPad Lab Coat featuring modern waist definition, pleating below the bust and a suit style chest pocket.
  • the new 36” Emma W. Lab Coat featuring an elegant tuxedo style collar, slimming vertical princess seams, and loose back belt with buttons.
  • the 34” Ellody Lab Coat, a shorter version of the Callia Lab Coat.
For female dentists and dental surgeons, Medelita designed a special model to comply with OSHA requirements
  • the 34” Lucy H. T. Dental Lab Coat featuring ergonomic freedom of movement, tasteful, feminine detailing and the signature Medelita rounded collar
Clinicians seeking a full length lab coat have many options, but the benchmark any lab coat should be measured against is the new premium class of lab coats.